Main Photo: Love Goddess, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 98″

Get ready to be blown away by the upcoming exhibition at M Fine Arts Galerie! We are thrilled to announce the mesmerizing works of abstract expressionist extraordinaire, Francine Tint. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as Tint’s vibrant and evocative canvases invite you into her world of sublime beauty.

From September 1 to September 30, 2023, M Fine Arts Galerie in Boston, Massachusetts, will be hosting this exceptional exhibition titled “Listening to the Sublime.” Tint’s mastery as a colorist is undeniable, with her skillful use of pigments creating true magnificence on the canvas. Her striking color combinations, bold brushstrokes, and profound emotional resonance have captivated the art world.

Sea Garden, acrylic on canvas, Francine Tint painting
Sea Garden, acrylic on canvas, 54″ x 75″

Prepare to be awestruck by Tint’s monumental paintings, some exceeding six feet in length. Her expressive mark-making and intense color fields push the boundaries of Abstract Expressionism, challenging traditional notions while creating a political statement. Titles like “Love Goddess” and “Voltaire in Love” hint at Tint’s unique perspective as a female artist in a male-dominated movement. Meanwhile, “Sea Garden” delves into historical philosophy, infusing her abstract compositions with narrative elements.

Voltaire in Love, acrylic on canvas, Francine Tint painting
Voltaire in Love, acrylic on canvas, 71″ x 103.5″

Tint’s compositions are a harmonious blend of frenetic brushstrokes and vast color fields, creating a sublime calm that is truly captivating. And it’s not just about what meets the eye; Tint’s works urge us to listen, to pause, and to let the artwork speak to us.

Mark your calendars for September 1, 2023, as “Listening to the Sublime” opens its doors to the public. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness Tint’s remarkable artwork firsthand and explore the subtle allure of her sublime expressions.