The name Aston Martin Lagonda has long been synonymous with luxury and power. The Lagonda company was started in 1904, and Aston Martin launched in 1913. The two merged in 1947 to become the powerhouse of automotive engineering we know today. The company made history in 1959 with a 1-2 win in the iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans race, and Aston Martin Lagonda is celebrating this achievement in the best way possible — with a new special edition car.

Aston Martin DBS 59

The 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans Victory

The 8.4-mile-long circuit used for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race is one of the most punishing in the world. Drivers must balance the need for speed with the punishment a car will take while driving for 24 hours straight. Even with today’s technology, only 41 of the 60 cars that qualified for the race in 2018 were able to survive the entire event.

Before the 1959 race, Aston Martin had never won 24 Hours of Le Mans race. They’d come in second, third and fourth, but first place eluded them. 1959 was the year they changed that.

Aston Martin took both first and second place — and third place was an astonishing 26 laps behind the winner. The first-place car was driven by Roy Salvadori of the U.K. and Carroll Shelby — the mind behind the Shelby Mustang — of the United States. Maurice Trintignant of France and Paul Frere of Germany drove the second-place car.

Both of these models were known as DBR1 — one of the fastest production cars Aston Martin ever made, named for the David Brown Racing Team which led the company to first place. Only five of these race models were ever built. They were some of Aston Martin’s most expensive cars, selling for $22.5 million.

So what does this victory have to do with Aston Martin’s newest venture?

Aston Martin DBS 59

Introducing the DBS 59

Inspired by this victory and its swiftly approaching 60th anniversary, Aston Martin commissioned 24 special edition DBS Superleggera’s — one for each hour of the race. The car itself can generate 715 horsepower with a top speed of 215 miles per hour. The bespoke exterior and interior set this beautiful piece of automotive engineering apart.

The exterior will be painted Aston Martin’s signature Racing Green, with the roof, hood, and trim made of carbon fiber. The interior will be upholstered with black and tan leather — a nod to the interior of the original DBR1. Accents and trims will all be done in bronze to add a polished look to the interior. The same bronze accents will adorn the exterior, in the Aston Martin and Superleggera logos and front fender badge.

The cars will also feature helmet pods in the rear to store the custom-designed crash helmet, race suits and gloves that come with each vehicle. Other accessories in this package include race overalls, a replica of Caroll Shelby’s racing gloves and a two-piece set of Aston Martin branded luggage.

These special editions will be numbers 1-24. Once they’re gone, no more will be manufactured.

Aston Martin DBS 59

Get Your Special Edition Aston Martin

While Aston Martin has been a significant name in the luxury car world for decades, Lagonda has faded into obscurity. But that will soon change. In 2021, the brand plans to relaunch as the world’s first electric luxury car brand. If you want to get your hands on one of these fantastic special editions Aston Martins, orders are open now, but you’ll want to act quickly!