A simple way to add yet another layer of elegance to your home is by installing a sleek and high-quality Scandinavian outdoor kitchen.

With a flexible and stylish outdoor kitchen setup, you get the opportunity to personalize and decorate the exterior of your home. At the same time, you get the unique experience of cooking delicious food outdoors in the fresh air.  

Building a luxury outdoor kitchen

A simple and practical way to add elegance to your home is, therefore, to extend the kitchen into your backyard. Brands such as Röshults offer exclusive luxury outdoor kitchen furniture that creates the perfect space for both gatherings and quiet nights. 

The Röshult furniture is made from high-quality raw products in order to create fashionable outdoor kitchenware. The furniture setup can be customized to your particular needs and preferences and can include several grills, matching dinner tables and chairs, and open-fire modules. The products can be purchased in anthracite or stainless steel.

Service through the seasons

Röshults provides an outdoor kitchen that is flexible and functional. That means that you can build a durable kitchen with all your favorite features in order to last through all seasons. On top of creating top-quality kitchen wares and furniture, the brand has also produced durable furniture covers to protect them from harsh weather and other disturbances. 

beautifully designed outdoor kitchen

The covers are made from a durable polyester that’s been finished with SFC to make it water, dirt, and oil-repellent. It also protects against UV, mold, and mildew, and its carefully produced fabric is non-abrasive to metal and finishes. The covers are fitted to your customized style of kitchen, and can easily be tightened with a drawstring. 

Creating a high-end backdrop

Building your luxury outdoor kitchen requires thinking about how to create a fitting backdrop. On the one hand, the backdrop might want to channel the same exclusive feel by maintaining sleek pool designs. On the other hand, you might want the kitchen to stand out by creating a humble backdrop. 

Due to the sleek minimalist design of the Röshults kitchen, it is pairable with most outdoor settings. Its timeless design is just as fitting for a poolside barbeque as a Japanese garden. Even if you want to change the backdrop from one summer to the next, the design will still remain and retain its relevance. 

Check out this exclusive Upscale Living article on how to create luxury landscaping that goes well with your outdoor kitchen. Amongst other things, the article tells you how to create just the right lighting and how to integrate water oases into your backyard. 

Vent Hood Integration for Optimal Functionality

Incorporating vent hoods into your Röshults outdoor kitchen not only enhances its functionality but also contributes to the overall elegance of the design. These vent hoods are essential for maintaining a comfortable and smoke-free cooking environment, especially when grilling or using open-fire modules. Designed with the same aesthetics, these vent hoods perfectly complement the sleek, minimalist look of the Röshults kitchen. They are available in materials that match the kitchen units, such as stainless steel, ensuring a cohesive and stylish appearance. 

Personal online viewing

Still on the fence? Book an online showroom presentation together with your friends and family! Röshults is unique in that they offer a personal online viewing featuring a presentation of their products and collections to their customers. 

Their online showroom experience is broadcast from their headquarters in Jönköping, Sweden. The presentation is personalized through communication with the customer to make sure to address issues and show collections that are of special interest.