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Private jet provider Monarch Air Group examines the growing popularity of private jet flights to various islands in the region during the pandemic.

The record-breaking pace of the US private aviation market (domestic) continues its stride even when compared to pre-pandemic numbers. For Fort Lauderdale-based private jet company Monarch Air Group, international travel is far from the figures of 2019, although a trend is starting to appear on the horizon. 

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By the Figures

The growing popularity of short international flights to the Caribbean from the US is a fact, with an impressive 53% increase so far this month compared to June 2019, according to WINGX. Proximity plays a role, but also the health of the U.S. private jet industry and the surge in vaccinations in various states. And last but not least, the natural beauty and top hospitality of the Caribbean.

Numbers by Monarch Air Group position Bahamas as their top Caribbean route from the United States, followed by Turks and Caicos Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic. Passengers can charter any type of aircraft and adapt their travel plans with safety and flexibility on its unique quoting tool

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Comparing the Caribbean with Europe

Private aviation in Europe was boosted by the recent soccer UEFA Euro Cup, although it still has plenty of ground to regain a pre-Covid shape. The lack of transatlantic flights from the U.S. also does not help, as that market across the pond is heavily invested in domestic flights at the moment. 

In 2021 routes with Caribbean destinations were searched 9 times more than routes with European destinations, according to Monarch Air Group’s booking data. This is an impressive number considering the private jet company is a global provider, serving passengers in both regions alike.

The previous also comes with a shift in the type of chartered aircraft, following the overall trend of increased bookings for super-midsize jets, with a 66% rise compared to 2019, and light jets, up 60% on the same stretch, as stated by WINGX. Those aircraft segments are precisely what passengers need for a comfortable flight from the entire U.S. East Coast to the Caribbean, which also helps to explain the surge of flights to the region. 

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Luxury Travel and Hospitality

Once you try private aviation there is no going back. After you go to the Caribbean, well, there is a big chance you will be back. Business air pairs flawlessly with the luxury hospitality industry in the Caribbean. Proximity with South Florida aside, various nations in the Caribbean have great infrastructure in place to second the overall private jet experience. From conveniently located airstrips to top-notch private terminals and the best hotels in the world.

Apart from Monarch Air Group’s top 5 booked destinations to the Caribbean, there is one place that is also worth a visit. That is St. Barts or also known as Saint Barthelemy. With most chartered aircraft to St. Barts landing at Gustav III Barts Airport (SBH) and located 155 miles east of Puerto Rico, travelers will discover all they need to experience a memorable holiday; white sandy beaches, turquoise clear water, stunning scenery, Caribbean friendliness, first-rate cuisine, and exceptional conditions for practicing water sports.

It is expected that the rise of demand for private jets to the Caribbean will continue to increase throughout 2021, although the curve should start plateauing once private air activity picks up in Europe as well as the transatlantic flights during late 2021 and early 2022. Either way, the magic of the Caribbean will be waiting for you!