Golf is a sport that combines many different elements to get the best from your game.  The fashion of Golf may not seem to be one of these, but wearing the right clothes can have an impact on your game for several reasons.  Plus, there’s the fact that we all want to look great while on the course, and that’s why most keen golfers invest in quality golf clothing.  But what are the top things to avoid in your golf fashion?

Get the right fit

There are two main reasons this is an essential point around choosing your golf clothing – one because poor fit looks terrible and two because the right fit clothing ensures that what you wear doesn’t interfere with your game.  Little tricks can help you get that right fit – aim for sleeves that are no lower than your elbow and even a little higher.

golf shirts

Collarless shirts

Collarless shirts (a.k.a T-shirts) aren’t considered the thing to wear on the golf course.  Many clubs have strict dress codes about what you can wear on the course or even while in the practice areas, and they will expect you to stick to these rules.  Sure, they might seem a little traditional, but Golf is a traditional sport with some clubs that have been around for hundreds of years. One of the rules is that you have to have a collar on your top – so polo shirts or shirts are a basic of the golf clothing range.

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Not tucking in

If you look at sites such as Golf Poser, you will notice two things – collar points are tucked into jumpers when worn, and shirts are always tucked in.  The collar is one of those things that can help your game as it stops the collar from flapping as you swing.  The tucking in of a shirt is a similar thing and also a bit of golf etiquette – it looks smarter when on the course.

Right length trousers

Proper golf trousers from brands like Galvin Green are a specialist piece of gear custom-designed for the course.  They help you with your game in little ways, such as using breathable materials and having a stretch fabric that allows natural movement.  You can wear regular trousers on the course but never jeans and always make sure they are the right length – they should kiss the top of your shoes, no lower and no higher.

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Shorts, not cargo shorts

You can wear shorts on the golf course but never wear cargo shorts – it just isn’t the done thing.  And when you wear shorts, fit and shape are also important.  Aim for a length just above the kneecap – too long, and they look strange and can slow your movements.  And we won’t discuss too short shorts at all.

Galvin Green golf wear

Well fitted rainwear

Rainwear such as jackets and rainproof trousers are a great addition to your gold wear kit if you plan to play at all times of the year.  Even summer-only players keep them in their kit because, let’s face it, you just can’t predict the British weather.  The key to rain gear is to get a good fit – you don’t want something that looks like a cape worn at a festival, but instead, you want a well-fitting, comfortable item.  Not only does this look better, but if something has too much material around it, then this will complicate your swing and other movements and could spoil your game.

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Wear big patterns

We have all seen famous golfers with bright-colored shirts and trousers, and there’s nothing wrong with using color in the right way – just ask Rickie Fowler.  But there are some things to avoid on the course – significant, bold patterns being one of them.  Those Hawaiian shirts you got on vacation may be brilliant on the beach with their big floral patterns and eye-catching colors but not on the course.  If you do want to bring a little pattern into your looks, go for subtle ones such as checks or areas of patterns along the side of a shirt or trousers.

Don’t pair brights with brights

Another thing you will notice when players wear bright shirts or trousers – most of the time, they go for a neutral color at the other end.  So that beautiful sky blue and white shirt can work correctly with white trousers or even navy ones.  That stunning orange shirt you have seen on certain well-known golfers is best paired with black or navy trousers (yes, you might have seen otherwise, but only certain people can pull off these looks!)

Use colorful accessories sparingly

Golf may sound a little serious when we talk about the etiquette on the course of the dress code at clubs. However, there are still plenty of ways you can bring some personality to a look without risking a sharp word from the tournament organizer or a little sidebar with the club secretary.  

Using colorful accessories sparingly is a great idea – that funky orange belt works perfectly with black shorts and a comfortable, green shirt.  It adds some color without being too eye-searing.  This is just one way you can use accessories to personalize your look in a good way.

golf shoes

Wear golf shoes

Golf footwear is big business, and that’s because proper golf shoes help your game.  The studs are the right length for the course and for the movements that you make. According to shoe design expert Lilly Harvey of **, a spikeless golf shoe is one versatile piece of kit that is making its rounds on the golf course. They can be worn on and off the course and many golfers are actively choosing spikeless shoes due to how often they can be worn.  They are comfortable to wear for a full 18 holes, and the materials use clever breathable technology, wicking moisture away from your feet.  Always wear proper golf shoes, never trainers, sandals, or other sports footwear.

There are several good reasons why golf fashion has a list of things not to do.  Some of it is about course rules or club standards, but much of it is practical and helps your game.  So learning what to do and not to do in terms of your golf clothing is a big part of mastering your game and enjoying yourself when on the course.