Sometimes you need to go big and as a flagship, it needs to stand out. That is exactly what the UAE One mega yacht looks like and is fit for a king. Designed by Milan-based designer Enzo Manca, this 459-foot behemoth is inspired by large US aircraft carriers and has become a mega yacht from a defense vessel. The origins of this yacht have piqued our interest and the objective is to make this yacht, a flagship for the UAE.

PROJECT UAE ONE - Enzo Manca Design - Ufficial Render HD (7)This yacht has been designed in consultation with an un-named Sheikh (name withheld due to privacy) who wanted something unique. The design is a talking point since it is a striking flagship with the canvas of a defense vessel. The lines are unique and the various layers of this yacht make this different from other megayachts in terms of design. It is a modern take and looks futuristic too with its curvy lines juxtaposed against the sleek detailing.

PROJECT UAE ONE - Enzo Manca Design - Ufficial Render HD (8)There is no mistaking it for anything else with its huge size since it has a length of 140 meters along with a width of 28 meters plus a height of 40 meters. Alongside the eye-catching design, the UAE One has a theme centered around privacy including tinted windows. There is also a distinctive military look to it. There are 2 heliports of which a maxi heliport for helicopters of over 17m, 1 hangar for sheltering the presidential helicopter, and 1 internal mini-port, also containing a submarine; while on the main deck over 2800 square meters of teak and open-air space, as well as an 18-meter transversal swimming pool, gym, wellness center, and SPA.

PROJECT UAE ONE - Enzo Manca Design - Ufficial Render HD (2)The design elements also forego traditional finishes for a sleek design and have a futuristic vibe. In total, there are 9 decks, 35 Cabins for about 65 crew, 14 Mini apartments, 5 Super suites, 8 Master cabins, 3 Meeting rooms, and 1 Press area.

PROJECT UAE ONE - Enzo Manca Design - Ufficial Render HD (3)You also cannot miss the huge sofa positioned at the bow with a fireplace in the center. This also provides 360-degree views. There are also private meeting rooms and with the various amenities, it is a mix of work and plays. The interior would be revealed soon later in the year. As far as flagship concepts go, this one takes the cake with its alluring design along with being peppered with military-like features. This is not your traditional mega yacht, this one!