In a marketplace saturated with an infinite sea of limitless tequila options, one brand is capturing the attention of spirits enthusiasts across the United States: O’RTE Tequila

This single-estate artisanal tequila, born from the vision of spirits industry veteran Julious Grant, is setting a new standard in the category. Distinguishing itself from the majority of tequilas available in the US, O’RTE takes a one-of-a-kind approach by selecting 100% blue agaves from a singular family estate in Jalisco, Mexico, each year, pinpointed based on specific factors including soil composition, climate, and topography. The outcome is an immaculate, additive-free tequila that evolves annually, providing enthusiasts with subtle differences in taste profile with each vintage. 

As the Chairman/CEO of Brand House Group, one of the most highly touted artisanal spirits producers of the past few years, Grant drew inspiration from his half-Mexican roots and passion for truly authentic tequila in creating O’RTE. His 30+ year career in C-Suite roles with industry leaders like Beam Suntory and Moët Hennessy paved the way for the birth of O’RTE, a living tribute to Mexican traditions and the artistry of precision tequila-making.

According to Grant, “Like with our other luxury spirits, we wanted to take a different approach with O’RTE in order to achieve the highest-quality end product. By venturing the path less traveled and identifying the one source that we believed generated the best possible agave, we were able to deliver an initial vintage that exceeded even our own expectations. Based on consumer, retail, and media feedback over the past year, our meticulous production process has paid off.” 

O'RTE Single Estate Tequila with a colorful background
Photo courtesy of O’RTE Single Estate Tequila

O’RTE’s 2021 vintages are an example of the brand’s commitment to excellence. O’RTE Blanco, for instance, is delightful with its spicy peppery notes and contrasting sweet finish, while the O’RTE Añejo orchestrates a symphony of different flavors with caramel, oak, and pineapple. Meanwhile, the O’RTE Reposado interplays a honey-based flavor with vanilla undertones to create a special sipping experience. 

Grant’s vision of tequila craftsmanship is not only embodied in the tequila but even in the creation of the brand’s name. The ‘O’ represents the iconic piña in the agave, while the rest of the name is an acronym for ‘Real Tequila Excellence.’ As Grant points out, “O’RTE equals ‘ARTE,’ embodying the true artistry of tequila-making, where every drop is crafted with precision and passion. It’s not just another tequila; it’s a time-honored journey of authenticity.”

Since its launch, O’RTE has made a significant impact across the country. It is featured prominently on the shelves and menus of several high-end restaurants, bars, and nightlife venues in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Austin, and Chicago, among many others. 

With O’RTE, both new tequila enthusiasts and seasoned connoisseurs alike are invited to delight in the elegance and splendor ingrained in a carefully crafted bottle of tequila. And for those who prefer to enjoy O’RTE at home, the brand is available through various platforms, including and, or through O’RTE’s website: