Diane Kruger, Martell Cognac’s Ambassador celebrating Martell’s 300th Anniversary

The Martell House was founded in 1715 at the height of French Art de Vivre. From that moment, gastronomy, tasting and craftsmanship have always been part of its history. During the same period Louis XIV gathered the nation’s most talented artists and culturally exciting figures at the court of Versailles. Today, in 2015, Martell – the oldest of the great cognac Houses – pays tribute to this heritage and identifies the 300 most exciting talents whose combined cultural contribution across gastronomy, art, mixology, entertainment and fashion epitomises French Art de Vivre in the 21st Century.

Michelin-star chef, Pascal Aussignac, fashion designer, Alix Petit and influential mixologist, Nicolas de Soto are today part of the “Martell France 300” project; an ambitious venture paying tribute to the impact of the French ‘Art de Vivre’ lifestyle globally.

Led by Martell, in partnership with L’Officiel, the oldest French lifestyle magazine, the project is also spearheaded by Martell’s Tricentenaire Ambassador, Diane Kruger. The internationally-acclaimed actress has lent her knowledge and experience of the impact of French culture worldwide to help select the 300 innovative French and French-inspired talents, along with the expert editorial team at L’Officiel.

Diane Kruger said of the project: “This list is a culmination of a search across the world for the most exciting French talents, who embody the essence of French Art de Vivre. I hope that by exploring this list and learning about these amazing talents, we can learn more about what French Art de Vivre means today, and perhaps live it a little ourselves! Having spent much of my time living in France and working with so many great talents, it is so wonderful to work on a project that gives people some well-deserved recognition and shows how they are having an impact on French culture on an international scale.”

As part of the Martell France 300 project, Martell conducted global research1 which reveals that French Art de Vivre is viewed as an integral part of today’s society across the world; over 80% of the 6,521 people surveyed worldwide agreed that French Art de Vivre is an inspiring lifestyle. The French way of life has also had a significant influence globally, with eight in ten respondents (81%) agreeing that French Art de Vivre impacts local cultures across the world, not just in France. The research also reveals a range of emerging trends across five categories that represent the French Art de Vivre lifestyle, and shows the growth of French culture across the world.

César Giron, CEO and Chairman of Martell commented: “This year has been a spectacular and historic one for Martell. It began with the announcement of Diane as our Ambassador, along with an incredible celebration at Versailles in May. The essence of French Art de Vivre is at the basis of everything we have done this year and the France 300 project proves it is as relevant now as it was 300 hundred years ago, when Louis XIV gathered his court at the Palace of Versailles. The vast array of names on the list from every part of the globe really demonstrates the power of French talent in influencing culture and keeping the French Art de Vivre lifestyle alive across the world.”