Revel Custom Wine Cellars has its first winery installation in Napa Valley at the Cardinale Estate, located in Napa Valley’s world-renowned Oakville District. Cardinale crafts a single Cabernet Sauvignon from each vintage. The wine is a limited-production blend from Napa Valley’s most celebrated mountain appellations. Revel Custom Wine Cellars installed a new 670 bottle cellar that is prominently featured at the winery.


When Cardinale began thinking about building a space to house its library wines, it first consulted with its collectors. “From the beginning our collectors were telling us about a new company whose designs showcased the wine instead of hiding it,” said Erik Ackerman, Estate Director at Cardinale. “When we saw Revel’s system we were impressed by its design and performance. It was efficient, but also striking; we knew our collectors would be impressed.”


Revel and Cardinale both strive for the highest level of quality and experience. They both saw working together to build a custom cellar as an opportunity to raise the bar and create something truly unique and exclusive. The custom cellar allows Cardinale to showcase, access and protect its acclaimed library collection of wines.


“The opportunity of designing a cellar for such a prestigious winery as Cardinale allowed us to use nearly every design concept that embodies how wine can and should be stored,” said Jim Cash, founder of Revel. “Our cellars heighten the wine collecting experience by making the wine the star of the show, and making it more visual and intuitive to collect wine. We think we are on to something unique in the industry, and so far, the reception has been amazing. Revel clients love the Cardinale exposure, and we are very proud to have our cabinetry front and center at the winery. It is just the beginning of what the future potential can be.”

The new 670 bottle cellar features a row of 15 degree angled trophy drawers that allows both oversized and standard bottles to be displayed side-by-side in the same pullout tray thanks to the patented geometry of the dowel system at the heart of every Revel cellar. The drawers overhead allow a view of the bottle labels above by orienting them label down. A stunning architectural statement to the cellar is Revel’s patented wine wheel that showcases prized bottles and maximizes corner space.  The ingenious design creates a tower that displays wine on rotating trays that appear to float in mid-air with each wheel cradling up to 18 bottles. Discreetly illuminating all the soft-close pullout drawers and the wine tower is state of the art LED lighting whose mechanics are virtually hidden from view. Cases can also be stored and effortlessly accessed within the sturdy gliding drawers.


About Cardinale:  Founded in 1982, Cardinale, located in Napa Valley’s world-renowned Oakville District, crafts a single Cabernet Sauvignon from each vintage. The wine is a limited-production blend from Napa Valley’s most celebrated mountain appellations, including Diamond Mountain, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, and Spring Mountain. Like a master composer, Winemaker Christopher Carpenter layers the intricate notes of Cardinale’s mountain vineyards to create one resounding wine. For more information, please visit

About Revel Wine Cellars:  Established in 2009, Revel Cellars is known for its proprietary, patented design concepts that have earned them numerous design awards and recognition by a variety of wine and lifestyle publications. Their unique cellar cabinetry and components allow the wine bottles and their labels to be showcased as opposed to traditional racking systems which conceal everything but the neck and cork end of the bottle.  For more information, please visit