The best way to end your dinner is by sipping a glass of delectable French brandy. Yes, you know exactly what we’re talking about – Armagnac! The first of France’s traditional brandies, Armagnac dates back 700 years. Both rich in history and flavor, here are some of the most amazing Armagnac you should know about!

Darroze Grand Assemblage 20 year old Armagnac 70cl

1. Darroze Grand Assemblage 20 year old Armagnac 70cl

At a beautiful age of 20 years, this Armagnac blend has a strong and memorable flavor. The aroma is quite refined, while the blend is enriched with tasty alcohol tones. Ideal for Armagnac enthusiasts, this blend is full of freshness despite the graceful aging.

Chateau Du Tariquet XO Bas Armagnac 70 cl

2. Chateau Du Tariquet XO Bas Armagnac 70 cl

This one is the youngest of the brandies (15 years) with a subtle fruity taste and hints of vanilla oak. Each sip tastes supple, fresh, and pleasantly sweet. Infused with a wonderful aroma of candied fruit and freshly baked bread, this Bas-Armagnac blend is perfect for enjoying after dinner.

Sempe Napoleon Armagnac

3. Sempe Napoleon Armagnac

This one has a distinct smell of creamy vanilla, tropical fruits, and cocoa powder. Napoleon spirits like these usually age up to 6 years and develop a palatable taste that lingers on the tongue. Each sip bursts with robust flavor and reminds you of caramel and sweet fruit.

Bas Armagnac Delord 1989 

4. Bas Armagnac Delord 1989

This Armagnac blend belongs to the highly esteemed house of Delord. It’s a 1989 vintage brandy that has a lovely, balanced, and assertive taste. It has an odd but pleasant smell that reminds one of the golden raisins, walnuts, creamy vanilla, and even leather!

Chateau de Pellehaut L'Age Tendre Armagnac 

5. Chateau de Pellehaut L’Age Tendre Armagnac

This one has a perfect balance. It is sweet and zesty. Each sip reveals subtle notes of pear, peach, candied mandarin, and the slightest hint of chocolate. It’s slightly pungent because of the orange but is immediately followed by hints of vanilla and candied syrup. As you savor this Armagnac, you will also enjoy the smell of Asian pears and grapes.

Darroze Armagnac 1980 

6. Darroze Armagnac 1980

Crafted by the greatly revered Francis Darroze, this brandy has aged beautifully in the cellars of Bas-Armagnac. Revealing a brilliant, golden color, Darroz Armagnac 1980 tastes of apricot, quince, and orange peels. It carries subtle fragrances of oak and fine spices. Each sip strikes the perfect balance between fruits and spices.

7. Domain de la Poste

Most of the distillation of this Armagnac happened in the 70s, which means it is quite old. The blend retains its vintage character at 50 years of age. It carries a nice, brown color with subtle notes of orange.

Samalens Bas Armagnac VSOP

8. Samalens Bas Armagnac VSOP

Produced mostly from grapevines, this Armagnac blend has a golden and amber color. It has a soft finish and offers a rich taste of honey, prunes, cherries, and vanilla. It carries the smell of the forest floor, stone fruit, and spices.

Chateaur de Laubade VSOP bas Armagnac

9. Chateaur de Laubade VSOP bas Armagnac

For those who love the after-taste of coffee and cocoa, this Armagnac will simply amaze them. Bright and golden in color, this one offers a mild honey and wildflower scent that’s at once demands to be appreciated. As you sip it, you’ll savor the subtle notes of dark honey, espresso, dried apricot, and rich cocoa.

Janneau XO Armagnac 700ml

10. Janneau XO Armagnac 700ml

This one is regarded as Janneau’s iconic flagship blend. Each drop of this Armagnac blend has patiently mellowed in oak casks for up to 13 years. Janneau- a household name for vintage Armagnac – offers this delicious spirit that has a soft, well-balanced taste. The palate is enriched with a warm taste and has notes of honey, prunes, dates, and figs.

Armagnac is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and lovely spirits to enjoy. With the above-mentioned list of the most amazing Armagnac blends, now you can end your dinner on a wonderful note.