Awain Ltd., a privately-owned company based in Finland that delivers exceptional and innovative handcrafted jewelry, has announced the launch of the world’s most expensive luxury car key destined to replace the standard key for luxury automobiles on the market. Made in small batches of limited editions – every key is signed and numbered – each key combines precious metals, fine wood, pure leathers, and high-grade jewels into an instantly recognizable design.

Awain’s CEO, Jalmari Mattila enlisted the help of designer Leevi Markkula and watchmaker Joakim Jokela to design these pieces of functional art which house the technological components of the original key. “When I was a motor journalist, I noticed that most luxury and supercar keys were fairly nondescript and made of plastic. They didn’t have the same craftsmanship or finesse as the cars they powered, which seemed like such a shame. After two years of honing and perfecting the technical and aesthetic design, Awain and our exclusive line of keys were born,” stated Mattila.

Awain phantom luxury key

Handcrafted in Finland by skilled craftsmen and engineers, each key undergoes weeks of fabrication from initial design to final detailing, a process lasting between 100- 300 hours per key. As each key is fully customizable, clients have the opportunity to craft a key that matches their vision from materials, color theme and even specific jewel placement.

There are three offerings in the line of these bespoke keys ranging from €49,000 (Quantum) to €89,000 (Serenity) to €500,000 (Phantom) and are all made from 175g of 18 or 24 Karat gold, depending on client preference. The Quantum line is inlaid with 354 diamonds totaling 3.45 Carats, while the Serenity steps up its features to 1,250 diamonds totaling 20 Carats. The company’s most exclusive key, the Phantom line is inlaid with 34.5 Carats of diamonds.

Awain Phantom Blue Tilt small key

“I believe that the very best cars in the world deserve the very best keys, and our pieces really make a statement of excellence,” says Mattila. “We now offer an option for supercar owners who will accept nothing short of an unparalleled luxury experience and craftsmanship.”

The key is offered exclusively to select owners of one of these legendary nameplates:

| Photos courtesy of Artur Gall at 404 of Art Productions