Ocean Residences Development Ltd has appointed Italian design studio FM Architettura’s Francesca Muzio as the lead interior designer of the world’s largest private residence yacht M/Y Njord. The studio co-founder will work closely alongside Espen Øino, the architect of this giant luxury residence. Together their vision will reveal residences of the most outstanding specifications and finish for an audience looking to move into a different kind of lifestyle and discover a home custom-designed in every detail. 

Francesca will personally oversee FM Architettura’s interiors in every detail. Their custom design will be the core feature of the main common and public areas of the yacht from deck 04 to deck 09, in addition to a selection of prestigious luxury residences. As Francesca Muzio explains: “We will design all of our furniture for this project, as with this type of yacht interior the proportions are vital, and the ratio of space to furniture must be perfect, as well as the balance of materials and the atmosphere they create as a whole.”

Worlds Largest Private Residence Yacht MY Njord
M/Y Njord Residence Megayacht

He further said, “Our clients are buying a home for life on board M/Y NJORD, and the center of our inspiration is always the individual person, their emotional relationship to their home, and their lifestyle. This sense of belonging, together with health, wellbeing, and sustainability are the main focus of our designs. Technology is of course integrated into the designs and state-of-the-art facilities, but the true core pillars of FM’s interiors are the four classical elements.” Muzio has described the inspiration behind the interior design from the five elements ‘earth, air, wind, and fire’.

“Earth to me is the use of wood in our designs, be it in the bespoke furniture, flooring, or structural partitions, and the air is the lightness around the interiors created by using handmade carpets and bespoke woven textiles which lead the eye around the space. The fire comes into the accents with bespoke bronze furniture, glass, or the lighting which we use to punctuate the rooms. And lastly: water. The all-important element, to ensure the flow and balance of the design comes together in its entirety, as these are homes which must have a sense of place.”

M/Y Njord Residence Megayacht
M/Y Njord Residence Megayacht

The charm and elegance of the interiors derive from the exquisite proportions and clarity of design: pure architectural geometries, wide openings, and breath-taking double heights, proposing an unprecedented spatial quality unseen on a private super-yacht.  

About this vital appointment, Jean-Louis Stutzmann, Chief Design Architect, Ocean Residences Development Ltd, says: “It is a great privilege to have Francesca and her team involved in this venture. FM is a world leader in interior design and works with artisans and craftsmen to make a project really come alive. They continually raise the bar in design and with Francesca’s wide experience she never ceases to surprise and delight.” 

Billed as the “world’s largest private residence yacht”, Njord is named after the god of the seas and winds of Norse mythology. It will feature a total of 12 decks, a beam of 33.5 meters, and a massive 81,000GT interior. Accommodation on board will be split across 118 residences, which are available to buy, and 16 guest and butler suites. It will be available in 20 different configurations; these residences will range from two to six-bedroom apartments spread across 116 to 800 square meters. Looking at guest’s privacy, comfort, and security, each apartment will feature a living room with sea views and access to open terraces. Owners will be able to customize their apartments as they please, choosing furnishings and decoration to their tastes.

M/Y Njord Residence Megayacht
M/Y Njord Residence Megayacht

Apart from this, M/Y NJORD will be the most technically advanced “green ship” operating at the highest environmental standards. In an industry first, all crew will have single accommodation supporting the company’s mission to attract and retain a first-class team.  

Chenot, a pioneering health specialist, will operate from the M/Y NJORD world-class medical spa facility alongside extensive health and wellness programs. Their services include transformative wellbeing treatments, individually tailored holistic routines, and preventative therapies, all based on the Chenot Method. It will be located on Deck 10 with stunning open-ended panoramic views. In addition to the spa and wellness facilities, the yacht has a fully equipped and professionally staffed medical center on Deck 3. This affiliation between M/Y NJORD and Chenot will offer residents an unprecedented onboard wellness destination, setting a new standard of treatments combined with an extraordinary level of personalized care and service, all delivered while the super-yacht sails to some of the most exquisite locations across the globe. 

M/Y NJORD will host an impressive array of amenities, includes a marina, a yacht and sailing club, an expedition and dive center, and various watercraft, including submersibles. Additionally, a professional-standard oceanographic research laboratory and a gyroscopic telescope are housed in the top deck observatory. The M/Y Nord accommodates up to two 8-seater twin-engine helicopters and four purpose-built luxury Riva-style tenders. Not just this, there will also be a high-speed satellite communication system, a range of sporting facilities including a fully equipped golf center, pools, a gym, an arts and craft studio, a library, a business center, a chef’s kitchen, and a theatre. Furthermore, six superb restaurants, a gourmet market, and a culinary studio await the most discerning gourmets. 

M/Y NJORD will offer the highest levels of security systems and privacy. The Nord will be equipped with the most advanced medical testing, monitoring, and diagnostic equipment. It has highly experienced medical professionals who follow strict protocols and best practices as per the guidelines from the United States, and Norwegian governments will staff the medical center. This remarkable Njord project is being constructed by DIV Shipbuilding Group and will be up for delivery in 2024. The hull and superstructure are to be built in Brodosplit, Croatia.