The new Thor Explore concept from Gresham Yacht Design breaks new ground in the mega-luxury yacht category. It takes an entirely new approach and promises to alter your perspective of what luxury boating is. There is new thinking being applied to the ethos being followed with the Thor Explore, especially with the fact that it was designed first from the interior, and then it progressed to the exterior. That usually is not the case with traditional yacht design where owners or most yacht designers first look at the exterior as the canvas on which the interior is designed. Still, here it is different and refreshingly so.

Thor Explore concept from Gresham Yacht Design
That is no surprise since UK based Gresham yacht design has been known for making futuristic yet elegant designs in the super-luxury yacht category, and here again, it’s business as usual. Steve Gresham was earlier an F1 designer and then later turned his interests to yacht design. The focus at Gresham yacht design is to make unconventional and futuristic yachts while going further away from the conservative design roots of super-luxury yachts.  The exterior design of this new exploration vessel, for example, looks stunning, but the interior is where this mega yacht shines. This 100m mega yacht has large nautilus windows, which forms a key element of its design while there are also organic shapes throughout the interior.

Thor Explore concept from Gresham Yacht Design Beach Club

There is a lot of radical design being infused into old-world luxury with some the focus being on utilizing the maximum space on offer with large double-height windows and a floating glass floor. As a result, the views are spectacular, and you feel nearly a part of the ocean with a much bigger view of the sea while a central lighting system further adds to the experience. This particular trait makes the owner closer to the ocean and also makes exploring a more immersive process. Moving to the upper deck area, and this is where the owner or their guests can control the functions of this mega-yacht. Move to the center, and it gets a sunken seating area which is connected to both the decks while the sky lighting above is a unique touch. Of course, when privacy is needed, the entire glass floor can switch to opaque, which differentiates the two levels.

Thor Explore concept from Gresham Yacht Design

This area is also decked out with all kinds of luxuries befitting a yacht like this. There are a lounge bed, bar, and a central seating area. Another unique facet of the Thor Explore concept is the beach club, which has access via the circular corridor and being flanked by aquariums on either side. Again the views here are stunning, and you can enjoy the views of aquatic life around. The owner suite is located at the upper deck with all amenities like his/her bathroom, office, or even a walk-in wardrobe. The guest suites are located at the lower deck with the ability to carry 36 passengers, which makes it quite spacious.

Thor Explore concept from Gresham Yacht Design Hangar

Then we move to the ‘Tender Hangar,’ which is accessed by a large glass door and is a massive area where the owner can keep a lot of the toys. By ‘toys’ we mean space for everything like a speedboat, submarine or jet skis, surfboards, and whatnot. There are space and a place to keep everything a billionaire fantasy garage can have, or in this case, the owners would likely have! However, not just that, as it has a CAP 437 helideck, which includes a hangar big enough to keep your aircraft!  The 100 meter Thor Explore Giga-yacht has a range of about 7,000 nautical miles, and that is important to do justice to the ‘explore’ bit of its name. Thus it would be used by owners to travel far and beyond to explore and not just be marooned at the wealthiest corners of the world. For that, the range of the Thor Explore is good enough, and that means it has got the required tools for sure to be a proper long-distance explorer. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of amenities on board, which with the futuristic outlook to luxury, is something which we endear with. Currently, it is just about the ultimate vessel to explore the farthest corners of the earth in complete luxury!