The recent months have been great for Custom Line, a Ferretti Group brand, as they have launched a total of seven yachts from 30 to 42 meters in less than three months have introduced ready to cruise in the Mediterranean this summer with their owners. The latest Custom Line masterpiece was launched on March 24th at Ferretti Group’s Superyacht Yard in Ancona.

Navetta 30 is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari and the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. The yacht is the first project to involve a partnership with three paradigms of “Made in Italy” excellence, featuring exterior styling by architect Filippo Salvetti, project architecture by design studio Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel. At the same time, the interiors by Custom Line Atelier created to fully reflect the tastes and desires of the Owner’s family.

Navetta 30 yacht

Despite being a smaller vessel, Navetta 30 doesn’t offer any less luxury. The yacht is Ferretti entry-level that gives a taste of the elaborate customization the company can offer. The Navetta 30 is 28.4 meters with no half-deck raised pilothouse tucked between the main deck and flybridge. The exteriors are for socializing and relaxing, extending the onboard spaces devoted to social interaction and privacy. In addition, integration and interconnection between interior and exterior spaces are a feature of the project, from stern to bow. This custom yacht reflects the personalities of the owner family and includes numerous romantic and full of charm hallmarks of Navetta 30 in modern elegance and contemporary style.

Navetta 30 yacht

With the exteriors, designer Filippo Salvetti delivered sophisticated contemporary styling in keeping with the brand’s DNA infused with a few tricks. By visually bringing the hull up to the upper deck and separating it from the gunwale using a sharp black horizontal line, it was possible to streamline the forms of the upper deck,” said Salvetti in a statement. The Navetta 30 features a 7.3 meters beam with 197 gross tonnes and 22 percent more volume than its predecessor.

Navetta 30 yacht

The team has seamlessly transitioned the’ in’ and the ‘out’, creating spaces that make the guests feel closer to nature. The designer has enhanced the elements by creating symmetry with the exterior lines and the water. A distillation of unique design and build quality in every detail is characterized by highly distinctive contemporary design and style features like the extensive glazed surfaces in the hull, sun decks with over two meters of headroom, and generous stern and bow. A perfect circle unites the architectural language of maritime tradition; the areas convey an immediate sense of spaciousness. “The amount of available space for guests is really unusual but you can really feel that the whole unit has been designed as one,” said the yacht’s chief interior designer Patricia Viel in a statement.

Another obvious way of achieving fluidity is by using non-static furniture. The furniture used for indoor and outdoor is very similar, free-standing, and customizable. Despite the general trend, the design creates a distinction between the boat and the furniture, which helps to make the relationship between ‘in and out’ because one can move the furniture and use it differently. Throughout the yacht, there is a repetition of small details.  For example, the same rope is used on the detailing of the sofa and the staircase’s railing going up to the sundeck. “The migration of those details gives the appearance a charming feel,” says Viel. “It’s also very tactile – it’s not only about the aesthetic or the colors and finishes. It’s about the things that you touch when you use the boat.”

Made with the most discerning yacht owner in mind, every inch of the Navetta 30 is tastefully appointed. The vast Owner’s Suite, four VIP cabins, the roomy dining and lounge area, and the exceptionally large forward sun deck affords expansive panoramas across the ocean. Seamlessly blending high-performance specs with luxurious living spaces, the Navetta 30 is just the perfect home away from home on the high seas.

The Navetta 30 has over four engine options to choose from. The package selected for hull No 1 – 1,000hp MAN V8s – gives a top speed of 15 knots. The yacht is also created to be efficient as the Navetta 30 burns 15 percent less fuel than the Navetta 28 at a speed of 13 knots. Along with increased efficiency and range, the hull shape keeps the yacht level, or neutrally trimmed, as it gains momentum, which adds to the comfort.