There is now a whole new way to explore the depths of the sea thanks to the concept by Gresham Yacht Design dubbed ‘Hydrosphere.’ The new concept was recently unveiled and will turn any luxury yacht into an underwater aquarium allowing you to create your own personal aquarium experience without leaving your vessel.

Although there hasn’t been a ton of detail provided regarding the groundbreaking concept – besides a stunning two-minute video on Vimeo, the company states that “this bold and exciting idea immerses an owner and their guests into their surrounding ocean environment through the hull of a vessel.” This new design will immerse guests directly into the surrounding oceanic environment and present a one-of-a-kind experience. 

The Hydrosphere-a-glass-elevator designed by Gresham Yacht Design

Deploying from the bottom of the vessel in minutes and can seat up to seven guests, Hydrosphere features lighting, illuminating both the interior space and the surrounding ocean. Presenting views normally found with a submersible, owners will revel in this ingenious device’s ease and comfort as there is no prep time needed. Simply active and walk below to meet some friends under the sea. 

This new water toy is set to take the yachting world by storm and present extraordinary experiences for all members on board.