Making Your Condo Feel Homier

Buying a condo can be a great step to having your own space. However, many people notice that a condo often doesn’t feel like home. If you’ve never had a condo before, then it’s time to make it your own. These are a few basic ways to make your new space homey.

Find Your Paint Style

Painting a room says a great deal about a person. If you’ve moved into a new condo, the paint job may be new. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the original paint color. White and beige shades make a room appear larger, but may not be your style. Decide on colors that match your style and you’ll feel more at home instantly.

Work on the Lighting

Lighting makes a significant difference in making a condo appear homey or industrial. Depending on your style, you may want a lighting design that makes you feel at home. Small lamps are a good way to add lighting to space and provide a softer glow. You can keep overhead lights in the rooms, but consider adding smaller lights and using them most of the time.

Work on Aroma

The scent of your home makes a big difference. You may already have a signature scent in mind but, if not, consider adding one to your space. Often scents like vanilla and lavender or blends work well in a home. You can add them to your house by simply putting in a few diffusers. Replace them every few months or as needed. You’ll soon find that your condo has a comforting smell.

Bring in the Outdoors

Infusing each room with some foliage can brighten up space and give it a natural feeling. Small potted plants go well in almost any room and many of them require just a small amount of work to stay alive. Succulents, for example, work well in a number of spaces and need almost no care.

Add Area Rugs

Hardwood floors are a great asset in a condo and many people like how they are easy to clean. If you have hardwood or tile floors, you probably like your floors. If you’re looking for condos with this type of clean design, you can view the homepage and find a variety of options. However, keep in mind that a lack of carpeting doesn’t mean you can’t still have some warmth. Area rugs, especially textured rugs are a good way to make a room more comforting. Choose ones that have bold patterns and colors to get a boost.

Keep Blankets Handy

Small blankets are a great option to keep around the condo, especially in the living room. They can be used when watching a movie or curling up at the end of the day. Keep them on the back of the couch or chairs for easy access.

Although a condo may seem like a daunting space, it’s fairly easy to make it seem like home. You can use these ideas to make space feel homey without any major changes.


Danor Aliz
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Making Your Condo Feel Homier