It is not uncommon for many to start their lives as apartment tenants. Usually fresh from college or even senior high school, they immediately put to test their newly acquired independence as they start living on their own. The more educated ones usually get the office-based posts. There are also those who are content with skilled work. Not surprisingly, many of them save so that they can one day afford their own house. To them, acquiring a residential property is a significant milestone in their lives.

Some buyers opt for condo units in skyscrapers in spots near the places where they work. Still, there are some who prefer the good old house-and-lot tandem.

Modular homes are getting famous among those who opt for house-and-lot properties. These types of houses are those whose parts are constructed elsewhere. These individual parts are just brought to the building site and assembled there. Because of this rather unique way of building, these kinds of buildings are being subjected to a number of misconceptions. We debunk some of these in this article.

Prefab homes are prone to damage or total breakage | Many would-be homeowners don’t go for modular houses because they fear that such structures are not as sturdy as the traditionally built ones. They could not be more wrong. Prefabricated structures, like any structure in communities today, are subject to strict standards set by the government. In addition to such regulations, the individual builders have their own set of quality assurance processes that further ensure that the client is not getting the bad end of the deal.

Modular homes are low cost | Because of its quite unconventional construction, prefabricated houses are often thought of at cheap buildings that are directed at the low wage earners. This true, but only partially. Like traditionally built houses, a prefabricated home is only as luxurious as the budget of the owner. If they are willing to spend a good amount of money, then the prefab home can be loaded with all the luxurious elements. You see, what makes something luxurious is not really how it is built but what it is built with. The structure’s size is also a good indicator of its class. Mind you, there are highly sophisticated prefab mansions around!

Prefab houses look pretty much alike | It is true that there are prefab houses that adhere to a prototypical look. But isn’t this the case for almost every class of items in this world? Those who have been to newly opened subdivisions really know what we are talking about.

Pretty much like luxury and elegance, the appearance of a prefab home is going to depend a lot on the preferences and plans of the owner. If the homeowner is creative and imaginative, then you can very well expect the modular home to have a unique form. If they are the conservative type, then you can expect their property to contain just the traditional elements in their most basic forms.

Those who dream of having their own house can pretty much aim for prefabricated structures. These units can be as safe, elegant, and unique as they want it. All they have to do is partner with a trustworthy and highly skilled builder if they want a one-to-one realization of their vision.