Few people get the opportunity to watch Hamilton, Broadway’s most popular show. The sold-out musical exists in a digital ether for even its most ardent followers, somewhere between Spotify, YouTube’s Ham4Ham channel, and Twitter account. “Hamilton” can appear more like an internet sensation than a genuine, physical, Tony-nominated production that takes place in a finite area eight times a week, especially to people outside of New York City.

Is Hamilton Worth Watching?

Yes, indeed! It’s fantastic and extremely well-written. The play got a slew of critical acclaim as well as a slew of awards on the stage. What’s more, guess what? The biggest production Hamilton is back on Broadway and it’s teaching thousands of New York City residents about life and creativity. If the unrest around this new musical hasn’t yet persuaded you, here are four reasons why you should schedule a trip to see the surefire Broadway success on stage this season. 

Hamilton play in NY

1. You Can Learn Something

Like any history class, the play recounts a story about the United States of America. The musical is about Alexander Hamilton’s life (and is based on his biography), but it also includes other historical figures who contributed to America’s independence. There is a lot of useful knowledge to be gained. The actors singing the story bring it to life in a way that no history teacher could. Aside from that, the performances will make you laugh your head off. 

2. It Is Reflective Of Current Times

Even though the story of Alexander Hamilton takes place centuries ago, many themes that thread through the performance are relevant to current happenings in American society. The “repeated effects of speaking one’s opinion,” the confrontation between immigrants and the privileged, and the promise of the “American Dream” are among them. In today’s era of societal divisions, the musical, with its symbolism of resistance and inspiration for artists of color, resonates particularly well and may serve as a source of comfort or perhaps a catalyst for change. 

3. Excellent Music

A fantastic musical cannot exist without fantastic music. Some of the rappings in Hamilton may put some people off, but it’s incredible. The majority of individuals will tell you after the show has aired. Even if you aren’t a rap fan, the music and performances in Hamilton will captivate you. Each song drives the story along in an extremely engaging fashion, and there is a fantastic mix of different types of music.

4. Cultural Impact

Hamilton is a tremendously creatively told and performed story that is both uplifting and captivating. This story about leadership tenacity, hope, love, and the power of people to unite against adversity forces is both contemporary and profound in light of the great difficulties facing our planet. 

The video stage production of Hamilton is now available to anyone who is Internet adept, after years of being exclusively available to those who could buy a costly Broadway ticket. It’s available to watch on Disney Plus. A live performance, on the other hand, is unrivaled. Don’t worry if you’re dying to watch this musical about the ten-dollar founding father; it’s right here with us. Please make certain you do not discard it.