Are you counting the days until your Prom?

Everyone does, and you don’t need to be extremely thin to become the Beauty Queen. Yes, just because you are overweight, it doesn’t mean you should let your weight kill your joy. To help you out, we are giving some general guidelines that will help you prepare for the big day.

1.  Discover Your Brands and Designers

There are many talented designers but only a few of the design for Plus Size buyers. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or not, your dress needs to be flattering. Several designers and brands tend to a unique audience.

You need to conduct your research because every brand helps to highlight different positives and hide your negatives. You have to be focused more on what fits you, don’t get carried away from cheap prom dresses available on the internet. Therefore, find the dress that fits you well while retaining glitz and glamour.

2.  Figure Flattering Fit

Just because you are overweight, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear shapeless dresses. Current fashion trends accommodate every despite they like chiffon, neckline and empire waists. You need to look for features that accommodate you. You need to find an empire waist because it will create an hourglass figure effect.

In case you have a large bust, then you need a sweetheart neckline. You better stay away from strapless. Plus size dresses are fashion-forward. Current trends accommodate different colors, sparkle, and fabrics. With that said, you better mix your style with current trends.

Don’t chase trends blindly; you have to mix your element into what you wear.

3.  Find Yourself

You need to find colors that suit you. If you feel comfortable in flattering shades such as black and navy, then go for them. You don’t need to chase stuff that doesn’t suit you. If you feel bright colors are your thing, then you can use colors like turquoise, sky-blue, etc.

4.  Be Confident

You have to be confident despite whatever you wear. If you are not confident, you are not making a statement. Yes, we understand you are under pressure to look stunning, but prom dresses can’t make you look great if you are not confident.

You have to embrace yourself, despite your weight. Your weight doesn’t have to do anything with how you look. Just follow the basics, and you can still kill everyone with your looks.

5.  Simplicity

Simple is beautiful, don’t try too hard to look glamorous. You will ruin your whole look trying to do so. So, you have to choose a classic do if you want to be timeless. Try the minimalist approach because when you look at your photos 20 years after, you won’t feel any embarrassment.

You have to use clean lines, keep it simple and don’t stray too far from the comfort zone. Also, you better be age appropriate. You are a teenager, so focus on looking like one. You don’t need to be tacky and look like a 27-year-old, it won’t help your case.

This is your prom, so don’t try anything too adult for your age.