Mothers deal with many challenges when raising those cute little buns: from the sleepless nights to the temper tantrums to the questionable life choices as they get older—these definitely take a toll on them. In no way is it an understatement to say that mothers are the superheroes of our past, present, and future.

With all these feats that moms must go through and endure, something that is much appreciated and needed is giving them the rewards they deserve, and you can do so by showering them with love, affection, and gifts. With mothers, sincerity does mean the world to them, but a gift’s usefulness can go a long way. If you want some gift ideas, this article is the read for you.

1. Mugs

Right now, you must be thinking that this is a completely generic and unimaginative gift, but every gift can become creative and useful if you put your mind to it. When we say mugs, we’re not just talking about those common mugs with “World’s Best Mom” printed on them; we’re talking about those mugs that can efficiently help mothers during their busy day, the smart mugs.

Now, imagine this scenario: a mother wakes up and brews herself some tea or coffee, then serves it in her favorite mug. She looks at the time and realizes that it’s time to wake the kids up for school. She wakes them up, helps them get ready, makes their breakfast, then sends them off to school. So, here’s the question, what’s missing here? Yes, you’ve guessed it, that cup of forgotten coffee on the kitchen counter, probably colder than the North Pole itself. This is just one of the myriad of scenarios a mom can face.

A smart mug, on the other hand, not only looks nice and sleek but also controls the beverage’s temperature, keeping it piping hot. You can also buy a smart travel mug for those mothers who are always out and about.

2. Footwear

While other people think about the fashionability of the item when buying footwear, for mothers, the requirement is much simpler: comfort.

Mothers do a lot of activities on their feet. They’re either running after their kids, carrying them for hours, walking all day with many bags, or preparing food in the kitchen; comfortable footwear can go a long way. There are never too many pairs of comfortable shoes and slippers in a mother’s closet because keeping their feet intact is a must when facing their long and arduous day—investing in a pair of comfortable shoes or fluffy slippers can be the perfect gift for a mother.

3. A Purse

Think about it, while you were out with your mother, when did you ask for something and she hasn’t pulled it out from her bag and given it to you? Mom purses would even give Mary Poppins a run for her money. A mother’s purse has a whole different universe in it; whether it’s tissues, snacks, or a bottle of water, you can find everything in there.

But, to reach that level of enlightenment, mothers need the best kind of purse. The best purse for moms are ones that are both practical and stylish. There are many different kinds of purses and all with their pros, cons, and unique uses. It’ll all depend on the mother receiving the gift, so proper research and knowing her preferences is a must.

4. Sleeping Equipment

Whether it’s for mothers who doze off just about anywhere when their kids are resting or not around, or for those mothers who can’t seem to enter dreamland at night, buying some sleep-inducing accessories can be a great present. There are many sleeping kit ideas, and some of them are the ones we’ll list below.

A nice accessory that’ll help mothers feel cozier while sleeping is a weighted blanket. This item weighs between 2 to 13 kilograms and is similar to a procedure called deep pressure stimulation. This blanket has many benefits other than being soothing and staying in place. It can help with anxiety, greatly improve mood, and help to relieve pain.

If this is the type of gift you want to go along with, you can also get a weighted eye mask. Unlike common eye masks, weighted eye masks not only block off the light but, like weighted blankets, also improve relaxation, helping the user sleep faster and for longer periods.

With moms being tired all the time, these gifts greatly help improve a mother’s health and wellness. You can either buy one item or opt for a splurge and give them as a kit. Why not add a smart light that can help her wind down and wake up easily? The options are endless.

5. A Massager

As mentioned above, mothers do many activities that involve a lot of movement and heavy lifting during the day. With this, many mothers can suffer from back, shoulder, and foot aches. Getting them a massager that will relieve their body pains will surely be much appreciated and will help the mother in the long run.

family gathering is a great gift for your mother

These are just some of the gift ideas you can give to a mother. Many other options might be more suitable to the receiver herself. Mothers have their own wants and needs. However, opting for a useful gift will always bring you the reaction you want.