If you are looking for a present for a friend or family member who loves wine and everything to do with this delicious drink, a new bottle is always a good choice. However, it’s a bit predictable and hardly imaginative. It’s an easy option. But there are so many other cool gifts that will make every wine lover extremely happy.

Let’s check out some of the possibilities when it comes to a perfect gift for a connoisseur of this great beverage.

Electric Wine Opener

Getting the cork out of a bottle can sometimes be a proper challenge. Not to mention the bottle might slip from your grip and fall to the ground. The electric opener will prevent these sorts of mishaps and make life a bit easier. All you have to do is place it at the top and press a button. And that’s it. The cork is out, and you can pour the drink.

Unique Wall Wine Rack

People who love wine also know it needs to be stored in the right position not to lose its flavor. As stated by the professional at WineCellarHQ.com, you can find high-quality accessories that will knock your wine-loving friend off their feet. An interesting wine rack is not only a great place to store wine, but it is also giving the room more flair.

Freezable Glasses

We all know that white wine and rose are the best when cold. Drinking a lukewarm liquid can really change the taste, and even some exclusive beverages, when served at the wrong temperature, will not seem so first-class anymore. The perfect answer to this problem is freezable glasses that will keep your drink at that ideal temperature for a long time.

The person will also appreciate a new set of classic glasses, but you can buy etched stemless glasses for a more exciting gift. This can be very elegant but at the same time a very sweet present that will be regularly used by your friend. Or maybe you can buy a mug with some fun writing like ‘This Might Be Wine’ or something equally interesting.

Folding Wine Picnic Table

A day in nature always sounds like a good idea. However, just because your wining and dining while sitting on the ground doesn’t mean you should not use fancy glasses. Still, uneven ground can make glasses and bottles unstable.

The perfect answer to this is a foldable picnic table with removable legs that ensure easy storage and transport. For a romantic date in the park, this is a perfect solution. The table can hold a bottle of wine, four glasses, and even a place of snacks. So, there is no doubt a person you give this to will really appreciate it.

Hand-Made Bottle Stopper

Another thing any wine lover will appreciate is the bottle stopper. Those who enjoy this drink know just how much it’s vital to re-cork the bottle when you’re done. When recorking is not possible, a stopper will do the same job. It will stop air from entering the bottle and make your wine remain fresh for a longer time.

Once opened, the wine will be good for consumption for another 3 to 5 days if you close it properly. Glass bottle stoppers, in different shapes or colors, will definitely make a statement while also be quite useful.

Cheese Board

A perfect snack for those who enjoy a glass of wine is cheese. So, if you’re wondering what to buy your wine-loving friend, this might be a fantastic present. They can make a cool cheese spread for their guest while enjoying a glass of wine.

gifts for wine lovers

Gift Card

Let’s face it, buying a present for someone can be quite difficult sometimes. Even when you know that person for some time, you don’t want to make a mistake and give them something they don’t really like or need. In the case you’re not a wine connoisseur trying to pick a gift for someone who feels very passionate about this beverage, a gift card can be the perfect answer to your dilemma.

Although some might see it as impersonal, giving the person the possibility to choose what they really want will certainly be appreciated. So, instead of picking the wine brand on your own, allow your friend to get the wine he or she never tried before. You could ask them to check the holiday gifts from alcoholprofessor.com to pick the best wine they love. You are sure that they will enjoy and savor every sip of it with this.

So, if you’re undecided about what to get someone who is very into wine, you might find something among these suggestions. Whatever you pick, they are all going to leave a good impression on your friend. And cheers!