If you’re in need of some last-minute gift ideas for the New Year, look no further. The following are five options, one of which is sure to suit someone still on your shopping list:

Leggings | Leggings have become a staple of every woman’s wardrobe with new styles and brands changing how we think of leggings. And what’s not to love? They’re insanely comfortable and fashionable, making them hugely popular year-round. From cotton-lycra fabrics to more fashion forward faux leather styles, leggings have evolved. It’s no surprise denim leggings have become more popular and stylish breaking away from “jeggings”. They are stylish enough to be worn anytime, have pockets, but still offer the comfort of leggings with the look of jeans.

Neck Hammock | Getting someone a neck hammock for Christmas probably sounds a bit strange, but they’re a wonderful gift for people that suffer from chronic head and neck pain. A Neck Hammock for home neck traction provides a simple and easy way for chronic pain sufferers to get relief. Once only seen in medical offices, it has been designed and updated for personal home use. It cradles your neck and head the way a regular hammock supports the body. This reduces neck strain, aligns the bones and supports by cervical traction. This creates better neck health and a more pain-free life.

Friendship Lamps | Friendship lamps are lamps that the user sets up on their Wi-Fi connection. They come in a set. You can keep one and gift the other to a loved one or give them both allowing them to choose who to give the other one to. Once both lamps are set up, when one is lit with a light touch or wave of the hand, the other lights up as well. Friends can communicate across long distances via the activity of the lamp. The lamps can be set up in one color or cycle through a rainbow of colors.

Avocado Hugger | Sometimes a small gift will make a great impact. If you know someone who loves avocados but hates how the remaining half spoils too quickly, this is for them. Avocados are healthy but spoil easily once cut in half. Now you can just give them a hug and keep them fresh! This item snaps together to “hug” the leftover avocado half so the receiver can enjoy it on a later day. It makes a great small gift for cooks and those trying to eat healthily.

Polaroid OneStep Plus i-Type Instant Camera | Remember the cameras where the photo slid out right after taking it? Now you can gift the updated version to your photography buff. Now, you can edit the photo first right on the camera with the accompanying smartphone app plus the camera is Bluetooth-enabled.

If you still have shopping to do, it’s safe to say you’ve waited until the last minute. For those names on your list you’ve yet to find gifts for, consider one of the options on ours.