Dating is a stage of romantic relationships between humans. It basically involves two people meeting socially with the aim of assessing each other’s suitability as a good partner, either in an intimate relationship or marriage.

Just as dating protocols may vary from country to country, the definition of dating also varies for everyone. But then, at the end of the day, dating just comes down to intention.

Dating is a crucial process that comes with different challenges. One of them includes age. Age plays a significantly huge role in the dating process. For people in their early twenties, it’s usually a preparation and discovery time where finding love just adds to the learning process.

For those still single in their thirties, dating becomes a significant concern. At this age, most people are usually ready for a serious and committed relationship that leads to marriage. If we hit forty, and are still single, dating would take a whole new level of urgency. We’re older, wiser, and know exactly what we’re looking for at this age.

Another essential aspect of dating is culture. In some communities, marriages are arranged, so there’s no dating process. In other communities, dating is more of a social activity. It’s accepted that both parties can date as many people as they want, without any commitments, until they find what they are looking for.

Religion is also an aspect. Take Christianity for example. Most Christians tend to struggle to find the balance between their spiritual boundaries and today’s dating practices. Many Christians tend to marry early, to avoid ‘sinning,’ or fornicating. 

Time, distance, and work – these are also essential aspects of dating, as they may be a hindrance towards finding the right partner. For this reason, online dating sites have become so popular, with some even connecting interracial partners. An example is the InterracialDatingSites platform.

For many people who tend to look for love online, a serious and committed relationship is their primary concern. However, achieving this may turn out more complicated than it appears to be, and we all look for ways to make things to work their way through from dating, to a relationship, marriage, and a happily-ever-after.

Below are some of the dating rules that will undoubtedly lead to a successful long-term relationship:

Be honest | Trust is vital in any relationship. The only way to gain this is through honesty. Be nice, but be open, especially when it comes to relevant information such as health conditions, or if you have children.

Be confident | Confidence is attractive. We all want a partner who is confident and believes in themselves. Self-confidence makes us appear to be brave and enthusiastic. When you’re comfortable with who you are, people automatically learn how to appreciate you and take you as you are.

Be a good listener | While this applies to all relationships and not just romantic ones, it’s a vital spark that leads to successful relationships. Don’t do all the talking. Listening to each other helps couples bond deeper, and hence it builds respect and love.

Be open-minded | Have positive expectations and be willing to consider each other’s ideas. Open-mindedness helps you grow and learn. It strengthens your relationship and belief in each other. It goes hand in hand with honesty.

Be emotionally available | To grow, you have to connect. You should be available, allow yourselves to be vulnerable, and be genuine about how you feel for each other. Have fun in the relationship, and just let go of the pressure of trying to make things perfect.