One of the best pastimes you could go from having to be playing games, and it’s even better when it’s with good company! Whether it’s with your friends, colleagues from work, or family members, you could play some of the most entertaining games when you spend time together. It could be any board game or a video game you like, and the convenient thing is you can play it anywhere you want. So,

Here’s a list of some fantastic games that you could play with your family or friends:


One of the most iconic board games has to be chess. It used to be only available for royalty and members of an esteemed monarchy. The game needs a lot of focus, strategizing, and smart tactics. It’s a 2-player game, and you can choose to play with white or black pieces. The rules might be a bit challenging for new players, but it gets less challenging once you get the hang of it. Each player has a king piece, and that’s the one you need to defeat to win the game. It’s very engaging and competitive, but it’s also enjoyable to play.


Another popular board game that you can play is Scrabble. This is one of the best word games available, and you can enjoy it with your friends and family anytime. Each player gets seven tiles of letters, and you could play with 3 or 4 people at a time. The idea is to form words with your letters, and the person who scores the most wins the game. Sometimes it can get challenging to form words, and you might get stuck with the tiles you have, but you can use this tool to keep the game going if you can’t create words as you play. These helper tools can give you real words for you to use by unscrambling the letters that you have, and then you can continue your rounds. This can give you an advantage, and you could win the game easily.

The Floor Is Lava

The funny thing about The Floor Is Lava game is that you can do it anywhere, even in public areas. The idea of the game is that you call out someone’s name and then you tell them that the floor is lava, and that person has to find a way to get off the floor as soon as possible. It’s going to be hilarious watching everyone jump on tables, chairs, or park benches. Even though it’s a little tough to play outdoors, it’s still entertaining and hilarious to play.


The famous Clue game is exciting and fun to play. It’s a murder-mystery board game where players have to solve a murder case by checking different hints and checking the various characters in the game. The objective is to find out who of these suspects committed the crime, and each player can accuse someone whenever they feel like they cracked the case but would lose the game if they guessed wrong. The first person who solves it right and with proper evidence wins the game.

Murder Mystery Games

Murder Mystery Games are a great way to get people to interact with each other in a fun and unique way. With a murder mystery, you can play a role and solve a crime by interacting with other players. Such games have a cast of characters and scenes that provide clues to solving the Mystery.
Solving a Murder mystery is not only interesting, but it can be downright hilarious. You can pretend to be part of a Murder Mystery like Wild West Cowboy or Sherlock Holmes, or choose the theme of 1980s Mystery. These games can be played by anyone, regardless of age or gender.


The best thing about Hearthstone is that you can play it on your smartphone, meaning that you can challenge people to match anywhere you like. It is one of the most popular card games ever created, and it’s based on the characters and heroes of the famous Warcraft universe. Each player can choose a hero, which will be their avatar, and then they can work on choosing their deck of cards. The objective is to use your cards and special abilities to get your opponent’s health to zero. Each player has 30 points, and you need to make sure it never reaches zero.


Another exciting game to play can be Charades, it’s very engaging and fun to play. You divide yourselves into teams and write the names of movies, shows, music lyrics, or famous phrases on pieces of paper. Then each person takes turns to try and explain what’s written but without speaking. Players could use sign language or drawing to help their teammates understand what they’re trying to say. However, each round has a time limit, so you better explain fast!

It’s always nice when you spend some quality time with your loved ones. What better way to do so than to play some games together? You can do it for fun or make it a little exciting and competitive by adding some rewards. With the help of these popular games, you can keep your mind sharp and stay entertained by the company of your friends and family.