A baby’s photo shoot is mostly done when they are naked. This means that their body temperature should be maintained, and that’s your priority if you’re doing things right. During the photo session, the baby may be fussy if they aren’t comfortable enough. Therefore, keeping them comfy and cozy will give you ample time, as well as make the baby feel great. 

Here are some of the things you should consider during the baby’s photo shoot:

Ensure their tummy is full.

A baby’s full tummy equals to their sleepiness and happiness, especially newborns. Just before the photo shoot, and before the photographer arrives at the venue, ensure that your baby’s stomach is full and comfortable. If need be, you can do some top-ups during the session. 

Loosen their nappies.

 A newborn’s skin is so soft, and nappies that are too tight could create marks on their bodies. Therefore, you’ll have to loosen them up, just before the photo shoot session begins. 

Think about props.

What kind of props do you like for your baby? Is it an old blanket or a family heirloom? It’s essential that you inform your photographer early enough to know what to come along with. If it’s becoming a challenge to select, don’t worry as Bitsy bug Boutique is where you need to visit, and everything will be sorted. They have beautiful props that come in a variety of styles, and all you’ll do is to select the best with their professional’s help. 

Arrange a sitter for siblings.

It’s a good feeling when you allow your baby’s siblings to do a photo shoot together. But then, what if they become a distraction to the whole process? That’s a possible outcome, and you should prepare for it, too. 

You can consider asking a family member to take them out for fun or opt to hire a sitter, but all this should happen after their photo shoot session to be fair enough.

Share what you know.

No one knows babies like their own mothers. Therefore, you understand your baby more than the photographer does. It’s not an easy job knowing what position will favor the baby, and in which one they will cooperate the most. 

This calls for your help. You might know some cute quirks and habits that your baby has developed. Don’t hesitate to communicate these to the photographer as these may just be an important factor in having the best photos.


To sum it all up, a photo shoot session takes quite a long time and being a baby session, it may take even more time. Who knows you’ll have to check on the baby’s tummy from time to time, change their diapers, and cuddle them when they are crying, and many other things that may transpire? 

In fact, it’s the baby that will dictate the length of the photo shoot. This calls for your patience.