Whether you want to impress your father, brother, best friend, or partner, buying a memorable gift for a special man in your life can be challenging. Various market studies show that, as consumers, men are more practically inclined. They focus on functionality rather than aesthetics and style. But practical gifts can be perceived as boring. In general, both men and women love gifts that reflect their unique personalities, taste, and preferences because this makes them feel known and loved. Considering all the variables that go into the gift-buying process, finding the perfect gift is not a straightforward task. 

To help you surprise the special men in your life with impressive gifts, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips. 

Look at Passions, Interests, and Hobbies 

There’s nothing more disappointing than a generic, impersonal gift that doesn’t say anything about the person who has bought it or the person who will receive it. To get the best reaction from the man you’re trying to impress, find a gift related to his passions, interests, or hobbies. What is the most passionate about? What does he enjoy doing in his spare time? Unfortunately, this approach can be tricky too because you might buy something that he already owns. To avoid this situation, discuss your gift idea with other family members or mutual friends. The key thing to remember is that men appreciate gifts that show they are paying attention. 

Windsurfing is a perfect gift for the men in your life

Find Expert Advice 

Buying gifts related to hobbies or interests is an excellent idea. But whether we’re talking about water sports, science-fiction, or tech, you may not know which products make great gifts if you don’t share the same interest. If the man you’re shopping for is passionate about tech, but you’re not familiar with tech trends, how to know what gadget he needs or wants? To overcome this hurdle, look at expert recommendations in the niche you’re considering. For example, for the best tech gifts for men, Giving Assistant has valuable tips.  

Take Your Time 

When choosing your gift, you have to consider the personality, taste, preferences, and lifestyle of the man you’re trying to surprise, but you also need time to visit various stores and compare offers. Finding great gifts can be a time-consuming task, so it can be helpful to start your search weeks or even months before the event you’re celebrating. Moreover, if you have something specific in mind and don’t have to rush to purchase it, you can comfortably wait for a discount. Taking your time may help you stretch your budget. A luxury item beyond your budget may become affordable in a month or two. Last-minute shopping will leave you with fewer and more expensive options. 

the perfect gift for the men in your life

Ask Questions 

The easiest way to find gift ideas for a man is to get familiar with his likes and dislikes. Spark casual conversations about his hobbies, interests, and habits. Ask questions to delve deeper into topics that may help you uncover what he needs or wants. For best results, you should initiate this kind of conversation regularly, not the day before his birthday or the day before Christmas. A key detail to remember is to always pay attention to how you word your questions. Show genuine interest and curiosity.  Don’t simply ask what he would like to get as a gift. Indirect questions and casual conversations can give you plenty of hints. 

Offer Experiences, Not Things 

Material gifts can be memorable, but the satisfaction of owning something new gradually fades. Conversely, experience gifts provide lasting satisfaction because they turn into valuable memories. Studies show that positive experiences contribute significantly to happiness and wellbeing. Moreover, when shared with loved ones, experiences can build stronger relationships. If you want to impress a special man in your life, consider offering him an experience that he may cherish. Helicopter flights, scuba diving, concerts, city breaks, wine tours, and culinary tours are great gift ideas for men. An experience will always seem like a gift from the heart. 

Gifts are signs of love, affection, respect, or consideration. When choosing gifts for the special men in your life, remember that your gift will communicate a feeling or an emotion. Offering great gifts can help you strengthen relationships and show the men in your life that you listen to them, know them, and appreciate them. If you struggle coming up with ideas, read men’s magazines and blogs for the best recommendations. Initiate more conversations with the man you’re shopping for. Discover what sparks his interest at the moment.