Cycling is one of the favorite leisure activities among people living across the world. With the growing awareness in people regarding air pollution and environmental damage, cycling has become a choice for conveyance as well.

And how can we forget, cycling daily also has many wonderful health benefits affixed to it! It controls obesity, makes the heart stronger, and improves lung functioning. These many reasons rightly justify why in a span of three years only, the number of cyclists in the U.S. increased from 43 million to 47.5 million in 2017!  

But it is also true that many cyclists get injured, and even killed, in road accidents every year. With the increase in the popularity of cycles, the safety tips regarding cycling must also be made apparent. Here are some ideas for staying safe while cycling:

1. Do not forget the helmet

Whether you are riding a quick-paced motorcycle or just any ordinary cycle – wearing a helmet is necessary. Many state laws do not require their citizens to wear a helmet while cycling. But we all know how important it is to take care of the brain, especially while riding a two-wheeler.

So, the next time you go for a brisk cycling session, make sure you do not leave your cycling helmet behind. You never know if it could save your life!

2. Check your equipment

Before going for a long detour on your freshly serviced and upgraded cycle, do not miss out on giving a quick look at your cycling kit. An ideal cycling kit must include gloves, a properly fitted helmet, and protective gear.

Check your tires to see if they are properly inflated or not. Examine your chains and gears for any defect at all. Make sure the lights and reflectors are working properly. Checking these small details can save your life, big time!

3. Do not take your hands off the handle

A great sense of balance often tempts one to take their hands off the cycle and ride hands-free. While this sounds cool and dope, riding with your hands off the handle is most likely to land you in dangerous circumstances.

Especially when you are riding on the road with other modes of commutes sharing the same path with you, it is not just life-threatening for you, but also the passers-by.

4. Do not get distracted

A very important and self-explanatory tip! Distractions caused while riding a car or a bike can always prove to be deadly. But, let’s not forget, cycling is also on that list. Yes, you heard us right!

Cycles and cycling sound very safe and secure, but you are still just a moment of distraction away from losing your life. Hence, the undivided focus should be present while cycling on the road. Limit your distractions and take breaks in between if you feel so.

5. Ride with the traffic flow

One of the golden rules of safety in traffic! When you are riding a vehicle as slender as a cycle, you can overpower the traffic. Cyclists tend to overtake other vehicles and get going through the little space between two huge vehicles.

Make it a point never to do this, no matter how urgent it is to reach the destination. Follow all the rules of the traffic and make sure not to go against it.

6. Avoid riding at night

Cycling is a therapy for many people. In fact, a lot of people have made it a part of their daily exercise routine. But thanks to the everyday hustle and the work culture around the globe, we hardly find the time to tread a few miles on our cycle in the daytime.

But, a word of warning – try avoiding cycling at night as the visibility is really less. And in case you cannot avoid it, make sure to take utmost care. 

Over to you…

Cycling is a good option when it comes to riding a vehicle. It is not just great for your health and the environment, but it is also pocket-friendly as it does not require regular maintenance. But safety is one more concern that comes in the context of cycling.

Here, we cited a few ideas for staying safe while cycling. Make sure you give this article a good read before going for a ride on your cycle the next time.