Students can buy essays and other academic assignments in a cheap and simple process in contemporary society. For busy students, this is an asset. “The use of pre-written essays online to take some ideas for your paper increases your results by 20%.”, says Cody Rhodes, an academic expert at However, one must be cautious before investing money and time into this venture. It is possible to acquire a substandard product that can be poorly graded by your subject professor. This can affect your overall grade. Below are some basic precautions to take before you buy pre-written essays online.

Where to Purchase the Papers

As a student, you need to know legitimate sites from which you can purchase essay papers. A lack of knowledge in this area can result in cases whereby you avail of a substandard company’s services and up receiving shoddy work. Before you buy college papers online, familiarize yourself with the following platforms:

Online Writing Services

If you cannot complete your essay for one reason or the other, feel free to seek help from online writing services. Online writing services make it possible for you to order essay writing services and enjoy the perks of having proficient writers work on your paper. With online writing services, the skilled writers can alleviate all the pressures associated with schoolwork, and you can proceed with your daily activities without stressing over looming deadlines.

Freelancing Websites

Not many students are familiar with the freelancing services provided online. If you are one of them, today is your lucky day because your days of suffering are over. For writing assignments such as essays, you can avail of freelance essay writers’ services and have a skilled writer write your essay while indulging in other activities.

Tutoring Websites

Many students are on a tight budget, and getting a tutor might seem a bit unrealistic. If this sounds like you, seeking help from tutoring websites is an ideal solution. You can get help at the comfort of your home on a computer or mobile device, which is a cheaper alternative than hiring face-to-face tutor services.

The Search Engine

Before you order an essay online, make it a point to use the search engine. The search engine refers to a service that allows you to search for content through the World Wide Web. All you need to do is enter keyphrases or keywords into a search engine, press enter, and generate your results in the form of websites. Some people may advise you to use Google because of its powerful algorithms and personalized user experience.

Online Discussion Forums

An online discussion forum is a platform through which students enrolled in the same course can discuss course-related topics. Online discussion forums have many purposes. They can help students review material before an exam or assignment, engage students in discussions of the course material before attending lessons, and reflect on prior material they have worked on or read outside of class. Well-structured online forums can be an effective way to support learning outside the classroom.

Factors to Consider when Ordering an Essay

Before you order an essay online, there are certain factors you need to look for in each site. These factors will help you make the right choice when selecting a site and avoid cases of fraud. They are as follows:

The Cost

When you avail of the help of essay writing services, each writer will state a price that they feel comfortable with. However, experts advise that you do not pay a huge sum of money only because the writer is experienced. Instead, look at the amount you have and plan for it effectively.

The Writer’s Skills and Experience

If you want an essay that will fetch you that much-desired grade, you must choose a writer who possesses the necessary skill. For instance, if you are dealing with a philosophy topic, it is wise to choose a writer who is experienced in drafting philosophy related essays. Knowing the specific skills of a particular is easy. All you need to do is ask.

Free Revisions

In the unlikely instance that you have received your paper, submitted it in for marking, and are required to make some necessary by your subject professor, you need to be able to return the paperback to your writer for corrections. Before you place a custom essay order, ensure that the company you choose to write your essay has a free revision policy.


Experts emphasize that before you plan to buy essay papers, ensure that they are customized according to your instructions and guidelines. This is important because plagiarism is a serious offense and can result in dreadful consequences. So, before you avail of an online writer’s services, ensure that they compose all essays from scratch.

Check out the Reviews

Check out the testimonials, feedbacks, and reviews of the writing company’s previous clients. This way, you can have an idea of what to expect from the writing company.

Ensure that the Company Offers Money Back Guarantees

Before you pay for writing, ensure that the writing company offers a money-back guarantee, and they will complete your assignment before the set deadline. Read the company’s terms and conditions before doing any transactions, especially regarding the quality of work and payment concerns.

Find out Your Professor’s Perspective of this Process

Many students create and maintain an admirable bond with one or a few of their professors. This bond can make the professor go the extra mile to assist the student. Some professors may advise against it, but if your professor has given you the green light and you are now in a position to hire an online essay writer, we at EssayZoo suggest that you are starting browsing the internet for companies that offer essay writing services.

As seen above, you do not settle on the first online writing service you see. There are various factors that you must consider before you hand over your assignment to a particular firm. You must be careful when deciding which company will work on your assignment; your grades depend on it!

If you can find a writing firm that meets the above-listed criteria, then you have uncovered a reputable and credible firm. You can rest easy knowing that the firm will compose an outstanding paper that you will be happy and confident to hand in as your own and fetch you that much-desired grade. Our experts have composed the above list. Take it into consideration before buying an essay. Note that your academic future depends on it!