Some critics think that putting international tourists against the cold weather of Barcelona is a cold move. Pun intended. But winter is actually one of the best times to visit Barcelona. During winter, the Catalans finally claim back their capital since there aren’t too many tourists.  There is very little noise and it gives you a unique chance to really connect and interact with the city and its locals. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider having a bike tour Barcelona in winter.

No crowds
The hustle and bustles of crowded streets can make your visit a living nightmare – but that is not the case during winter. You will never see the characteristic mile-long queues and you are guaranteed to find a restaurant table any time of the day, even without a reservation. Without too much human traffic, Barcelona turns into the perfect place to wander in winter.

Enjoy the sun in winter
Even though the winter months are significantly cold in Barcelona, the sun still shines making it a great destination if you are looking for some sun in winter. From November through February you can expect temperatures to average 12 degrees. The sky will mostly be a clear blue and that coupled with the mild sun make it a perfect backdrop for fantastic vacation photos.

Mushroom season
The mushrooms of Barcelona love the colder months so as soon as the temperatures drop, the markets will fill with lots of varieties of wild mushrooms. Some of the most sought-after mushrooms are the local rovellons variety. But you will also find lots of other common ones like ceps and chanterelles. You can eat the mushrooms fried with eggs, or you can incorporate into a nice dish of rice. 

The Christmas season is the most magical of times in Barcelona. Even though there aren’t too many people on the streets, Christmas is still a very lively time in Barcelona. During this time, most of the locals venture into the town in order to capture the spirit and atmosphere of Christmas. The favorite destination for most is the Barcelona Cathedral which is the location for the largest Christmas market of the year. The Santa Llucia Fair has been in Barcelona for over 230 years and they celebrate each new Christmas by displaying a breathtaking array of decorations, trees, nativity figures and more.

One disadvantage of visiting Barcelona in winter is you can’t enjoy a swim in the ocean. But hey, all is not lost because just 2 hours away, you can enjoy some thrilling skiing action at the La Molina and La Masella. And do not worry about bringing your gear because you can rent them at the foot of the mountain. There are buses that can ferry you to and fro for less than €40 per person for the round trip. 

Winter is a great time to visit Barcelona. You get to enjoy everything Barcelona has to offer without having to elbow your way through the crowded streets that are usually packed with tourists all year round. You also get cheaper rates on hotels and everything else because the demand has gone low.