London is renowned for its sense of sophistication and luxury. A hub of the world for fashion and extravagance, the English capital has many famous aspirational areas and snazzy boroughs that boast beautiful homes. It’s a prime destination to experience some style, despite some of the more dangerous boroughs being among the most trendy.

Consequently, London must be navigated with care, but can still be enjoyed. In the end, good living isn’t too hard to find here, and anyone who desires to can find something to marvel at and enjoy in London. Here is a quick rundown of the best locations in London for luxury.


Westminster | Aside from featuring most of the famous scenery London has, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster also boasts the West End, a district of world-class theatre. There’s something for everyone here, whether it’s iconic landmarks or stunning entertainment. The luxury is it a pinnacle here, as it’s simple where the best of what London has to offer can be found.

Covent Garden is what London is all about; community, elegance and beauty. A district within the borough of Westminster, lush plant life can be discovered here, as well as lavish shops, restaurants and pubs. It’s casual but snazzy, stylish but subtle and provides much of the social buzz that encapsulates London. Ultimately, Westminster has a buzz unlike anywhere else in London.

Wandsworth London

Wandsworth | Wandsworth works its magic for everyone, providing some slick experiences for any who enter. After all, there are some top quality hotels available for any visitors, which is a sure-fire sign that the surrounding area is worth seeing. What’s more, it’s among the safest of all the boroughs, meaning crime rates are low and people are happier!

This borough is also largely famous for its food. Wandsworth is home to two Michelin-starred restaurants, and there are other fine establishments nearby serving up delicious cuisine from many different places around the globe. It’s a luxury experience of sensory pleasures, allowing you to taste the delicious things you see rather than simply gazing at them through a guarded fence.

Camden London

Camden | Beauty and luxury is certainly not exclusive to palaces and stylish establishments alone. London provides a treat from the common folk too, but of a different kind. Nevertheless, the best kind of beauty is found in everyday places and people, and Camden is no exception for holding up this truth.

Camden hosts a canal that winds right through its centre, meaning those looking for a classic barge holiday can enjoy one merrily here. Moreover, there’s a heightened affection here for the arts that don’t get lit up in the West End, with buskers and street artists flaunting their talents for free. There’s a thriving culture here that is a privilege to experience, and you can witness it all by simply showing up.