The rustic look is more popular than ever these days so if you’re trying to capture this look in your own home you might be wondering how it’s possible to get that old school charm yourself. The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to repurpose old items in your home and to recondition them so that they get a whole new lease of life. You could always buy upcycled items online or in stores, but it might be even more fun to try it yourself. Here are some great ideas that bring a hint of old-world style into your home without breaking the bank and by reusing items which would once have been thrown away.

Restored Windows As An Art Display

Have you recently had your windows replaced? If so, you might want to use your old window as an art display. Reclaimed windows can be sanded down and repainted to be used as a display case for pictures or pieces of art.

Vintage Brooch Bouquet

If you’re getting married and looking for an alternative to a floral bouquet or if you just want a beautiful classic-looking decoration for a vanity table or cabinet, a vintage brooch bouquet could be the answer. Made from old pieces of jewelry, this very special type of bouquet can easily be put together to make an eye-catching decorative item.

Telephone Handset Bookends

If your house phone has long gone by the wayside in favor of your smartphone, don’t throw out your clunky old handsets. Instead, repurpose them as stylish bookends to decorate your bookshelves. With very little effort, you can turn these classic pieces of memorabilia into a practical item which will grace your shelves for years to come.

Toilet Roll Art

If you’re into the ultimate recycling you don’t need to even throw away the cardboard of your toilet roll tubes. Instead, you can use them to create a stylish piece of art for any wall of your home. By arranging toilet rolls in a pretty pattern and sticking them onto a canvas, large piece of card or even direct to your wall for a novel yet simple piece of artwork.

A Knitted Pillow

If you have an old knitted sweater that has seen better days, you don’t need to throw it away. Instead, simply repurpose it as a cushion. Cut off the sleeves and then sew the edges of the body together so that you have a pillow-shaped pocket – stuff it with an existing cushion pad and sew together. You’ll have a cozy and stylish cushion to decorate your bed or sofa.

Use An Old Paper Towel Rack For Storing Bracelets

If you’re looking for an eye-catching and unusual way to store bracelets without letting them clutter up your drawers, an old paper towel rack could be the answer. The perfect shape and size to display your bracelets and bangles, it allows the whole collection to be seen instantly and creates an attractive focal point for any room.

Make A Baking Sheet Message Board

If one of your old baking sheets is past its prime, you should consider turning it into a magnet message board. The perfect size to hang on your kitchen wall, there’s no easier way to display your recipes and notes.

Make A Play Kitchen From Old Furniture

Why buy play furniture for your kids when you can repurpose some of your old home furnishings and turn them into a fun play kitchen. An old table, some old shelves, and an old cabinet can easily be fitted together to transform their playroom into their very own kiddie kitchen.

Weld A Sculpture From Old Pot Lids

If you have old pots and pans which have seen better days and you have a little welding skill, you can use your talents to create an exciting sculpture for your home or garden. It’s the ultimate upcycling to create something beautiful from something that is past its best. Simply choose the right welding equipment to suit your needs and you can get started.

These are just some of the creative upcycling ideas to help you buy your home with some old school charm!