For those of you want to win money from online slots, you have come to the right place. Contrary to popular belief, it is certainly possible to make money.

The online gambling industry is all about trust. There are many people who claim to know a lot about it but you need to be able to spot a real winner from someone that got lucky a few times.

In terms of online slots, there are certain techniques you can use to beat the casinos and win big. Here are 10 tips you cannot afford to miss.

1. Use No Deposit Bonuses

This is free money casinos use to encourage you to gamble with. For example, your online casino may offer you $10 to play with for free without deposit.

If you ever see these bonuses, grab them with both hands. They increase your chances of playing for free. At the same time, you have the chance to make real money you can withdraw to the bank.

If you end up winning big though, you will likely be required to deposit some money to cash out. In this case, spend as little as possible until you can withdraw your winnings.

2. Shop Around

Online casinos are all in competition with each other. Their goal is to attract new players – something you can use to your advantage.

However, you need to be wary. Each online casino will have different requirements in terms of using these bonuses. Here are a few things you should look out for:

  • Wagering requirements: the multiplier that tells you how much you must wager before you can withdraw your bonus as cash
  • Maximum cash outs: some online casinos limit how much of your bonus winnings you can withdraw

Shop around online casinos to ensure you get the most value for your money (OnlineCasinoGems is one of my favorite aggregators).

3. Loose Slots

This is a term that is usually associated with in-person slot machines. A loose slot has a defect that can be exploited to pay out more often than it should.

Online slots are no different. They are harder to find but they are out there. With a bit of research, you can find out which online slots payout compared to slots at other casinos.

4. Understand Jackpots

Online slots have two types of jackpots: local jackpots and network jackpots.

Local jackpots pool the money generated from players playing that specific game. The jackpot will vary between casinos.

Network jackpots pool money from a range of participating online casinos. Each casino works together to create a massive jackpot.

With this in mind, your chances of winning a local jackpot are far better than the network jackpot. While it’s smaller, you compete against a smaller group of people.

If you’re serious about ROI, stick to local jackpot online slots.

5. Free spins

Just like deposit bonuses, online casinos offer free spins as a way to attract new players or bring back existing players.

Again, use this to your advantage and play for free. Free spins give you the chance to try a new game or test a betting strategy without spending a penny of your own money.

6. Don’t Always Bet Max

Many online casinos encourage you to always bet the maximum on the slots. This is because when you bet max, you can win big money on the multiple pay lines a max bet makes you eligible for.

But don’t let this trick you into thinking your chances of winning increase. No matter how much you bet to cover the pay lines, the chance of winning at online slots is exactly the same.

7. Pay Attention To Volatility

Off the back of the previous tip, be aware of the slots’ volatility. Slots with high volatility pay out bigger winnings but they don’t actually payout as often as you’d like. On the other hand, slots with low volatility pay out smaller but you will win on a more regular basis.

Therefore, it makes sense to bet a little bigger on slots with higher volatility to maximize your ROI and bet smaller on slots with lower volatility to win small but often.

8. Research Pay Tables

Before placing any bets, research the best games to play. Each slot at every online casino has its own unique paytable so don’t get caught out.

While the differences can be small, they can have a large impact on your online slots bankroll management plan. Look at all the different features, multipliers and scatters so you know what you’re playing before you jump in.

9. Play For Free

For anyone new to playing online slots, the best way to learn a strategy is to try it out for free. Some online casinos offer ‘Play Money’ that you can practice with before depositing real money.

If you have played online slots before, you can still use Play Money to improve your betting strategies without risking your own.

By doing this, you will also have plenty of chances to learn different game types, pay tables and each game’s features and bonuses.

10. Stay Alert For Fresh Bonus Offers

Finally, a great way to make more money from online slots is to be aware of any new special offers or bonuses that casinos offer. They can be seasonal or bonuses based on time played on the slots. Either way, keep an eye on your inbox.

They can come by at any moment, particularly if you haven’t played on a certain site for a while. Don’t be surprised to see a very generous offer or two to try and convince you to come back!

For example, there may be a new game they encourage you to play or special offers during festivals such as during the World Series of Poker.


You cannot afford to miss these 10 tips when playing online slots. Use them to increase your chances of winning and maximize your ROI. With the right slot and correct betting strategy, you can win some serious cash. Make sure you know the game inside out before playing and how they payout so you don’t get caught cold.