There will come times in life where your most valuable possessions will be outside of your control: checking in luggage in an airport, moving home, or perhaps something as simple as posting parcels. You hear so many stories of lost or broken packages, so it’s understandable for you to worry if you’ve got something particularly valuable you need to send. However, there’s no cause for concern if you follow the simple steps below.

Packaging | First things first, before you start posting your parcels anywhere, you need to make sure you’ve protected them as best as you can. No matter how small or large the item is, it will need the right kind of packing. If you still have the original box an item came in – such as a watch – that would make the perfect added layer of protection. Intricate pieces of jewellery need tissue paper. Ornaments need bubble wrap. In fact, you can’t really go wrong by wrapping anything in bubble wrap just to be on the safe side. It sounds obvious but you’d be amazed by the number of people who don’t pack up their possessions properly.  

Courier | One of the guaranteed safest methods to deliver your valuable possessions from your home to wherever you need them to be is using a courier. With a courier you can track your delivery from start to finish, you can dictate your delivery time slot or have it sent to a secure location.  Parcel2Go make sure your valuables are in good hands from the word go.

Insurance | Couriers do have their own insurance policy, but depending on how high the value of your item is, you may need to spend that little bit more to get that extra piece of mind. If anything does happen to your parcel, you can get the full monetary value of it back. So you can send off the parcel, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to protect it.

Gifts | So far you’ve got tips for sending your own possessions, but what about when you’re sending a gift to someone else? Any of the above advice would work just as well. However, a little bonus tip here – you could make the trip yourself. Not only does this mean you remain responsible for it, but the hand delivery of the gift could make it seem that much more special to them. Your presence could be an extra gift for them.