One of the main differences between buying and selling a home is that buyers are generally working off of their own emotions. When you walk into a house as a buyer, your gut reaction tells you whether or not you can see yourself living there. Buying is based on your preferences and full of excitement over new beginnings.

But when you are selling your home, you’re trying to convince someone else that your house can be their house. Typically, you will work with listing agents to try to maximize your profit potential. Selling your home for the first time is a stressful experience for many people, but with a reputable agent and background knowledge, you can confidently sell your home in no time.

Staging To Boost Appeal

Your agent has a lot of experience in preparing homes for sale. They will advise you to put away personal items such as photographs. When potential buyers see other people’s personal belongings, it can feel like they’re invading someone else’s personal space, rather than imagining how space can suit their needs and desires. Personal items can distract potential buyers from seeing themselves living in your house. You may have family heirlooms or other sentimental items that mean a lot to you and are beautiful on display but are best replaced with neutral items.

In fact, too many photographs, souvenirs, knick-knacks, and other items can clutter a room and make it feel smaller. Opt for a cleaner, fresher look over a busy look.

Move Personal Items Off-Site

Important areas that tend to get very cluttered our closets and other storage spaces. These also happen to be important places that buyers want to see themselves, so you will want to consider putting items in a storage unit or offsite somewhere so that buyers can’t see them.

Understandably, if you’re still living in your home, then you may have some items that cannot be moved, such as cribs, toys and other items for children. Work with your real estate agent to stage rooms that are still being used, but send the rest to an offsite storage unit if they’re not necessary.

Repair Minor Imperfections

If you’ve been living in your home for a while, then it’s bound to show some signs of wear. Scratches, dents, holes, and other minor imperfections can be easily repaired by you or by a professional for a low cost. Some of the most important things to fix that can have a big impact on selling your home include:

  • Fixing drawers and cabinets that jam or don’t close all the way
  • Patching holes in the walls (and putting a fresh coat of paint over them)
  • Replacing any cracked countertops, cabinet doors, or tiles
  • Fixing leaky faucets or other minor plumbing issues
  • Replacing burned-out lightbulbs

Get Great Photos

Make sure a professional photographer can capture the inside of your home during the times of day when it looks best. This may be in the morning, at noon, or sunset. Move furniture that blocks windows and prevents light from coming in. Gorgeous window light is very appealing to buyers.

Work With A Reputable Real Estate Agent

You can post your listing online and try selling on your own, but there is a lot of risk in taking that route. For first-time home sellers, you will want to work with an experienced real estate agent who takes take the pressure off of you. For more information, visit