Even in the most peaceful of neighborhoods, one home is being broken into every 21 seconds which means it’s happening a lot more often than we may think. Have a read of the following handy tips and make it your priority to secure your home right away.

Secure the Doors

34% of incidents occur because the burglar has been braised enough to walk through the front door so it’s crucial to make sure all your external doors are secure. Installing deadbolts to both the front and back doors is a great way to guarantee that you’ll never forget to lock the door when you’ve nipped out to the shops or when you’re headed up to bed. Although locking the doors is a great deterrent thief may still try their luck and tamper with the doors to get in. Upgrading to security doors will give you the ultimate piece of mind as they can be up to 40% stronger than your average front door and feature tamper-resistant screws and mesh that even the most experienced burglar would have trouble with- you never can be too careful.

Outdoor Lighting

Making sure you have ample outdoor lighting is a great way to deter burglars. Placing them on the front and back of your house means that they have nowhere to hide. You can purchase motion activated lights that come on when they sense movement or you can purchase security lights that are on a timer so you get constant light for set periods of time. Both great ways to make sure you can see exactly what’s going on your property. You may be thinking that this is going to bump up your electric bill but it doesn’t have to. You can choose to have energy saving bulbs or even a solar-powered alternative for those keen on conserving energy.

Lock the Garage

There are usually expensive items in your garage and it’s becoming a popular entry point for burglars so make sure you consider how this may affect how secure your home is. Make it a habit to lock all external and internal doors that way you’re more likely to deter anyone wanting to break in. Coverings any windows so they can’t be tempted by your belongings is another good way to put them off. You should also consider your entry point. Does your garage open with a remote control or with key code? If you have a remote control storing this in the house instead of the car will make it less accessible to thieves and if you have a key code make sure you don’t share your code with anyone and keep it covered when entering it.

Security Systems

There are so many different security systems on offer now that there’s one to suit each home and budget. A security system not only works as a deterrent but can help catch the burglar and bring them to justice should they be silly enough to actually break in. You can get different levels of monitoring with these systems which offer the ultimate piece of mind. Some systems come with cameras that monitor the outside of your property some even come with cameras that can monitor the inside of your property it really is up to you to decide which system works best for you. It’s always handy to know that there’s someone monitoring your home when you’re away for longer periods of time too. You may be jetting off on holiday or working overseas and the last thing you want is to be worrying about how secure your property is.


Whether it’s a few small tweaks or a security overhaul we can all do something to improve the quality of our security. Go ahead and try just a few of the handy tips and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.