Men are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for. Traditionally stoic, getting any form of recommendation out of them can be like getting blood from a stone – and even if they do want something, in particular, chances are they already have it, or already intend to buy it for themselves. This can make sourcing gifts for special occasions a frustrating experience – but the following recommendations may well help you buck that trend. 

Just because men don’t ask for things doesn’t mean they won’t want them, and some of the following suggestions strike the balance between fun and utility. Here are five ideas for the perfect man-gadget gift in 2022.

Light-Up Shower Speaker

A wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that enables you to live out your Wembley-headlining fantasies while washing your hair – what more could you want? Well, you might also want it to glow with all the colors of the rainbow, which is exactly what many iterations of this half-useful man-gadget do. Not only that, but some models come with a microphone, meaning you can even field phone calls while showering.

Green Laser Level

DIY is a popular pursuit in the UK, and it’s not uncommon for men to dabble in DIY of their own no matter how handy they are with a toolkit. With common DIY tasks like putting up shelves, a green laser level is indispensable for ensuring level installation and a height that complements other wall features. It is also exactly the kind of tool that the casual DIY enthusiast will not yet own.

Beer Tower

For many, pulling one’s own pint is a quiet dream – with around £2.2 billion being spent by UK households on the building of garden pubs and bar rooms in 2020-21. But plumbing in a working tap-and-keg system is a bridge too far for the average household, which is where the “beer tower” comes in. It is a simple desktop beer dispense system; you pour beer into it, keep said beer cold with an internal cooling rod, and then dispense it from a tap at the bottom. Especially useful for entertaining, the beer tower is a great way to give someone landlord status for an evening at a time.

AI Pocket Translator

The onward march of technology delivers entirely new forms of gadget, some of which have been firmly in the realm of science-fiction for decades prior. One such gadget is the pocket translator, a handheld device that can enable real-time conversation with someone in another language entirely. Its AI-enabled tech can listen and translate with surprising accuracy and can also translate the text with an onboard camera. 

Instant Photo Printer

While instant photo-printing seemed to fall out of fashion along with the polaroid camera, nostalgia and new technology have brought it back with a bang. There are a variety of instant photo printers on the market that can connect directly to your smartphone, enabling you to print your phone snaps swiftly and with ease. If your giftee has ever expressed a vague interest in photography, this gift is guaranteed to be a popular one.