Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world, and the reasons are not farfetched. Imagine the stunning scenery, the compelling culture and the warm hospitality of the locals; all add up to give you a genuinely interesting experience in this land of striking landscapes.

 As a foreigner, you may inadvertently commit some blunders; not worry, Vietnamese are incredibly forgiving. However, here are 11 things you should avoid doing to make your stay more enjoyable.

1.Wearing skimpy Clothes when visiting pagodas or temples |  Vietnamese dress conservatively, and some of it comes from the antiquated notion that only peasants have tans. Foreigners may be allowed to wear skimpy clothes in touristy locations; it is however not permitted in the temples or pagodas. If you wish to visit the temple or pagodas, don’t show too much skin.

Asides visiting the sacred places, you could move around to iconic destinations, spending only $5 on an evening outing. What more could you ask for on a budget-friendly destination such as this?

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2.Hand out Gifts to Children of Ethnic Minorities | Some visitors always want to give to the locals, especially children. Some children would rather leverage on this and ask for money or candy every time, and this is gradually spreading. That should not stop your act of kindness; rather offer books, clothing to schools, communes, hamlets and medical centers. Other children will appreciate it.

 As this may be a new terrain for you, always ask the locals for specific information when you travel to the villages of ethnic minorities so you know what is permissible or not. For example, you could be painting a wrong picture when you hand out candies to children or an empty bottle of water. Seek the assistance of a guide if you need to know a thing or two about the culture and history of Vietnamese.

3.Going against the Public Regulations | Just like in other destinations of the world, not complying with regulation on safety,  sleeping in public places, picking flowers or leaves, breaking branches in tourist spots and parks may not be an accepted form of behavior here.

There is no need going against regulations here as there are loads of extreme scenery that will pique your interest and make you want to come back for more. For example, the stunning landscapes, idyllic beaches and sprawling forest, desertscapes such as Bao Trang—even UNESCO-protected sites are not exempted.

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4.Violate the local culture | It is advised you find out more about the local culture in Vietnam, so you don’t go against it without even knowing. Pay due attention to the culture of the people so you can adjust accordingly. Vietnamese don’t allow tourists to go on a bikini. Never write on the statue as it considered a destruction to their architecture. Proper investigation about the locals and their culture will help a great deal in giving you a fun experience around here.

 Savor the beautiful culture that has lasted several years and still counting. You’ll have a different perspective of the locals when you experience their culture.

5.Engaging in unlawful activities |  Engaging in unlawful activities may attract a penalty. Activities like gambling, prostitution, drugs, are prohibited, and tourists are advised to stay away from them. The major income earners for gambling establishments, prostitutes and several others in Vietnam are the tourists. If you happen to find yourself in bars, endeavor to distance from these activities, so you don’t go against the law of the land.

 Why not visit the enormous caves to dissuade the thought of engaging in any unlawful act? Vietnam is home to the most extensive cave system in the world–the Hang Son Doong Caves

6.Portray Deviant Behaviors |  Some behaviors are not expected of you as a visitor or tourist while in Vietnam. Such actions like throwing objects at animals are considered extreme and are not tolerated. It is also illegal to carry a gun on the street even if you have no intention to hurt anyone. Threatening people with the intent to take over their property may be a serious offence. Again, if you believe in superstition and try to implement it in festivals in Vietnam, you may be contravening the law.

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7.Creating Noise in Public Places | Vietnamese are among the most polite and gentle people you can ever think of in the world. Going by this, they always prefer an atmosphere of tranquility. So whenever you’re here, endeavor to maintain some level of quietness; no need shouting on top of your voice or laughing aloud in public places.

8.Lose control of yourself in Public places because of too much Alcohol  |  Keep a hold over yourself not to drink too much; you don’t want to get drunk and behave less responsibly especially if you’re visiting the temples and shrines. That may attract unnecessary attention which you may not want to happen.

9.Entering the village on special days | Ask questions before you make it to any village. If you find a cotton wire or special symbol at the entrance of a village, know that strangers are forbidden from entering that village. It could either be a day of abstinence or something is happening in the village.

10.Discriminate popular motels | There is no need discriminating the motels here as they offer similar services like the hotels. These days, motels in Vietnam are relatively clean and can meet basic standard elsewhere. Most often than not, you’ll find people who share your interest so you can connect easily.

11.Taking Pictures at Prohibited spots | You’ll find in the people of Vietnam friendliness, warmth and politeness, and they’re also very welcoming. However, taking pictures in specific locations is prohibited, but that does not mean you can’t still have a great time in the place.

Although Vietnamese have certain things they frown at, you cannot take away the fact that this is an excellent destination for all and sundry. The hospitality of the people will melt your heart, and you’ll feel at home.

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