Birthdays are always a significant occasion – but some are arguably more significant than others. Becoming 30 is something of a milestone, and often heralded as the end of youthful adulthood. It’s only right that a 30th birthday is celebrated full-throttle but, choosing the right gifts can be tough even at the best of times. So how can you narrow down potential gift ideas for your nearly-30 giftee? 

Home and Comfort

Gifts for the home are an underrated choice and an excellent one for someone leaving their 20s behind. Chances are they haven’t invested much themselves and will be grateful to receive something quirky and cool with which to decorate their home. Try to fit their tastes with a tasteful accessory or appliance, such as a Himalayan salt lamp or a living room rug. Alternatively, you could invest in their comfort on their behalf; a nice pair of slippers or pajamas will always be received well!

Beauty and Accessories

For someone a little more tuned-in to skincare and beauty regimes, some thoughtful gifts can be found in the products they use regularly. Not only would your gift be thoughtful for being their favored brand, but also by saving them the money and hassle of stocking up. With a little more research, either by asking them about their regime or by taking a look at their social media, you could pick out a high-quality product or brand they might not usually use; a Dior or Chanel product is a sure-fire way to show you’re thinking of them, and that they’re worth it.

Personalized Gifts

Sometimes the personal touch can be more literal, in the form of gifts personalized to the giftee. Thoughtful and personalized cards are commonplace today, but a wider range of monogram-able or otherwise customizable gifts are also available online – from glassware to candles and even socks. Handmade gifts are also an excellent choice for the personal touch, where something like a piece of art or a personalized crafty item such as knitwear can be cherished for years to come – both for the personal factor, and the effort you put into making it.

Indulging a Hobby

Culturally speaking, entering one’s 30s tends to signal the beginning of adulthood proper – the excesses of the 20s left behind, with a balanced and responsible life to look forward to. This can be a lot of undue pressure, and many can begin to even neglect their interests in the service of being a ‘proper’ 30-something. One of the most thoughtful gifts you could give on the 30th birthday is one that indulges the giftee’s hobbies and interests, and reminds them that they are allowed to be who they are no matter the age! Whether tools for a craft, merch for a favorite band, or a book by their favorite author, a little indulgence can go a long way.