If you are a first-time cigar smoker who wants to experience the pleasure of a good cigar, then you will first need to invest in some accessories. Accessories are a very important part of cigar smoking – you will not be able to smoke without them. It is the accessories that often make cigar smoking an expensive hobby. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider picking some of these up second-hand so that you can spend more money on your stogies.

This article will tell you about a few useful accessories that every cigar lover should own:

cigar cutter

Cigar Cutter

In order to truly enjoy a cigar, you need to cut it properly. Most people either cut their cigars too short or too long. You want to create a nice, smooth opening for your cigar so that the smoke can flow freely and circulate properly. If you do not use a sharp cigar cutter, then you can cause the cigar to split or may cut it unevenly. You need a nice, sharp cigar cutter, and you must always cut along the cut line. If you are unsure where to cut precisely, watch a tutorial online or ask the manufacturer.

Wooden Cigar Humidor


A humidor is an airtight container that maintains desirable levels of humidity. You store your cigars inside these containers, and they keep the tobacco moist. If you buy higher-quality, wooden humidors, they can even impart a delicious flavor to your cigars.

Humidors are an essential part of any cigar smoker’s kit. Not only can they preserve your cigars, but according to the humidor specialists from XIKAR, they can increase your smoking pleasure. Some humidors can even be used to repel beetles and bugs that eat away at your cigars.


Most humidors already have a built-in hydrometer, though if yours doesn’t, then that is a purchase you have to make. Hydrometers monitor the water vapor present inside your humidor – the humidity. In order to ensure that your cigars are getting the right level of humidity, then purchase a digital hydrometer.

vintage windproof cigar lighter


To truly enjoy a cigar, then you need to understand that smoking a cigar is much like a ritual. Lighters are an essential part of the cigar ritual, and without a good lighter, your smoke will be ruined. You should find a butane lighter with a high flame that is easy to operate. Some cigar smokers even choose to invest in engraved lighters, which give them the opportunity to show off to their friends when they are smoking. An engraved lighter can be a great heirloom to hand down to your children, and if you choose a higher-quality lighter, it may be worth something one day.

Ashtray Set

If you are investing in an engraved lighter, then you might also want to invest in an engraved ashtray set. An ashtray is another ceremonial tool that will make your smoke much more enjoyable. You will need an ashtray regardless, engraved or not. A customized ashtray set is a purely aesthetical investment. A plastic ashtray will do just as well, so if you are on a budget, then do not worry about making a costly ashtray purchase. Make sure that you have an ashtray though. Knocking cigar ash into a half-cut can is not the cigar smoker’s way.

Air Purifier

Cigars can have a very strong, overbearing smell. If you smoke at home and your family cannot stand the odor of a cigar, then you will want to invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers not only clear the air of smoke but also of toxins and pollutants that may exist in your home. Air pollution is one of the biggest threats in the world, and you are not safe at home. Air purifiers, while not necessarily a cigar-related accessory, can benefit cigar smokers, and they can benefit the families of cigar smokers who cannot handle cigar smoke. Hepa Air Purifiers are air purifiers that use a type of filter called a HEPA filter.  The HEPA filter is made of activated carbon and a metal mesh. It is typically used to remove microscopic particles from the air, such as dust and pollen.

Travel Boxes

We previously mentioned that humidors can be used to travel, and they can, but so can travel boxes. If you are traveling a short distance, you might not necessarily want to carry a heavy humidor with you. If this is the case, then a travel box can do the job. Finding the right travel box can be just as difficult as finding the right humidor. Some of the best travel boxes are constructed from Spanish cedar, which imparts a rich, woody aroma to your cigars. It can also, like some humidors, repel beetles and bugs.

Cigar smoking is a lot of fun and can be a great bonding experience. If you are just getting into smoking, then the accessories listed here will help you to look at the part!