Today, the person with a vape is considered trendy and cool because the influence of vaping on the fashion industry is quite visible. Over the past few years, we have seen urban fashion, also known as streetwear, has been mainly influenced by vaping culture. Urban fashion has been around for more than 40 years and became the talk of the town with the popularity of Hip Hop and R&B. Now, it’s safe to say that we are witnessing its rise again.

Since vaping has created a buzz everywhere, they have inspired fashion designers to come up with vape clothing. Today, vape inspired outfits are the new craze in urban fashion, and we all are here to witness it. Brands are coming up with not only casual clothing items; there is so much more than this. In this article below, we have described how vaping has influenced modern fashion trends. To learn about them, keep on reading.

Vaping on the Runway

Yes, fashion shows are meant to reveal the new collection. But today, a segment of the show is dedicated only to vaping. The core purpose of such fashion shows is exposure to the industry, vaping culture, and clientele. Since these fashion shows are sometimes meant to promote vaping, accessories and high street vaping clothes are introduced to the world as a new trend. A lot of fashion shows in New York have introduced the vaping trend on the runway. As a result, other fashion shows are proposing the use of vapes as well.

Vape Inspired Models

If you are a fashion lover and like to attend fashion shows, then you might have seen runway models carrying vaping accessories or vape as a prop. Have you ever wondered why they carry vape in their hands? Yes, they are hired to display the collection, but they also promote the use of vape through their vape inspired look. In fact, these models wear clothes that are specifically made keeping the vaping trends in mind. Moreover, these vape inspired models have become very popular, especially among a younger millennial generation who may want to try and vape.

Vape Holders and Pockets

Isn’t it annoying to hold the vaping device throughout the day? Yes, it is, and everybody needed a solution. So, the industry didn’t stop with only accessories; they have introduced outfits that feature pockets and holders in them. In fact, now we can see street-style outfits with pockets to carry around the vaping device or small vape pen kits in them. For instance, you can purchase a coat that comes with a vape pocket. The fashion industry has designers that are ready to bring more designs of clothing that can look with pockets for vapes. These are creating outfits with pockets that hold vape pens. If you are wondering how your devices will fit in these pockets, then you can get your hands on compact size and small kits that can easily fit in these pockets and holders.

Wearable Vape Accessories

Those who love fashion, love accessories. When it comes to vape, you can’t hold it all day long. So, manufacturers came up with the solution. They have turned vape pens and products into wearable fashion accessories. With the increasing clothing and apparel trends, the fashion industry decided to introduce vape accessories that don’t even look odd. In the market today, there are wearable accessories such as a gold chain, vape case, vape band, and other different types of accessories available online and in stores for you to buy. Indeed, these innovations have transformed into innovative fashion statement pieces.