Australia overall and Melbourne, in particular, are the loveliest of places on the earth to visit. There is a lot to see in Melbourne, which will not only fascinate your mind with its beauty and glamour but will also impart a valuable addition to your existing knowledge about your planet.

We are here to introduce two places in Melbourne worthy of being visited by every tourist, no matter local or foreign. The historical aspect of these places and the modern lifestyles being followed by the natives make an amalgam that boosts your mind as soon as you visit these places with your family and friends.

For detailed information and guideline, you may consult many tourist agencies or offices. You may also visit welcome to country so that you may enjoy your visit to Melbourne and make it a memorable experience to be shared with your near and dear ones ever afterward.

1. Flinders Street Station

One of the most attractive iconic structures in Melbourne with a sound historical background is Flinders Street Station. You can reach here from anywhere in the CBD, either by walking for 40 minutes or taking a train from Southern Cross Station (7 minutes), or even by catching a tram on the City Circle loop.

The building has its famous row of clocks under which the travelers take pride in meeting and enjoying talking and eating there. This station is really a very busy and rendezvous spot in the Southern Hemisphere. Its upper floors boast a gym, a library, a lecture hall, and a ballroom. You may grab a bite to eat on the main concourse, enjoy some of the sights outside the city by hopping onto a train or contact a touring guide to learn about the history of this popular building in Melbourne. It will take you about an hour to explore the whole of Flinders Street Station.

2. Federation Square

If you want to have real entertainment, enjoy artistic and cultural beauty at its peak and eat the best food with relish, you must visit “ Fed Square.” You will always find something of great interest going down this popular and public square in Melbourne, no matter what time of the year you are here. The square was designed as a focal point for the cultural and civic activities in Victoria’s capital city. Here are found year-round attractions and events, an array of bars, restaurants and specialty stores, event complexes, etc.

You may reach here by train from Southern Cross station (7 minutes) or catch a tram on the City Circle loop. You must visit the Ian Potter Centre to view Australian art and feast your eyes with its marvelous and impressive beauty. Besides, you must also have your lunch or diner here at some restaurant and get involved in some event around.

You will never forget the joyous moments you have spent on these two most dynamic spots of Victoria’s Capital City. Hopefully, you will visit them again and again, along with many other attractions throughout Melbourne.