When people get to a certain age, they need to start thinking about their living situation and explore all the options. It all depends on the age of the person, their health conditions, and their overall needs. Independent living communities are a pretty popular pick amongst people over 55, but not a lot of people are aware of how they work. So here is an explanation of what a senior independent living community is and why it is ideal!

What are independent living communities?

Independent living communities are basically residential spots where elder people can enjoy themselves after they retire. This is perfect for those who don’t need medical care and can take care of themselves instead the accent falls on the communal aspects of life, giving elder people the social activities they need. There are a lot of different places, as you can see from Select Senior Communities, it all comes down to what a person is looking for the most. Certain communities are more suitable than others, so doing research and picking the right one is necessary! 

Target candidates

In order to make sure that a person is suitable for such living conditions, certain things need to be considered beforehand. As mentioned, everyone above the age of 55 is welcomed, which means basically anyone who is retired – but this obviously isn’t the only condition! First see if additional care is needed, in most cases, these people need to be able to take care of themselves, for the most part, so not having a serious illness is important, being fully or partially mobile is another plus if not there are other senior communities that will be better suitable! 

The price

Surprisingly, this type of living is actually not as expensive as many believe, it’s actually a good option for those who want to live a more economically friendly life after they retire. In most cases all of the expenses are gathered and summarized as a simple monthly fee, making things way easier and efficient in the long run. All in all independent communities for elders is the most affordable option if they want to settle down and change their way of living!

Easy maintenance

When people get to a certain age they simply don’t have the same strength and ability to take care of their home the way that they used to – especially for those who have large backyards and gardens it could be impossible to take care of it alone. Cleaning the house, regardless of how big or small it might be, taking care of damages, and constantly looking after the property can be extremely tiring most of the time. Generally, people want to live a more carefree life once they retire, so opting to live in such a community will solve their problems. Usually living in these communities means less upkeep and maintenance of your living space, which is a giant plus for elders! 

The social side of things

When people get older, they tend to be secluded, in some cases, their loved ones and family don’t live in the same city, or in other cases, they might not even be kind. This can be a bit lonely and can lead to depression in the elderly. So living communities, especially those that are catered for adults in a similar age group are perfect for those who want to socialize more. Being surrounded by people of the same age is great, elderly people need friends and they need to have fun just like anyone else!  

Independence and freedom

Some elderly people are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but they still want the benefits of living in a community. But a lot of people are unsure how these communities work – people actually have a lot of freedom and it’s pretty flexible. It’s perfect for those who still want to plan their own day and do as they like, minus the responsibilities of living in a residence of their own! 


Comfort and convenience are extremely important for everyone, especially for elderly people. Living in giant cities and busy towns can be a bit stressful. In order to lower the level of stress and live a calmer life, moving to a living community might not be a bad idea. It’s pretty convenient no matter how you put it, some even offer transport so that people can easily go outside and spend some time in the city without having to worry about busy streets and public transport! 

senior independent living facility

Safety and security

In a way living in a community is like living in a gated community – there is a high security and safety element, so people can live comfortably without worrying about break-ins and robberies. In most cases, the community is locked and there are security cameras monitoring the premise, so no intruders can sneak in and potentially cause havoc. On the other hand, the community is fireproof with lots of alarms and measures, for added safety! Some communities even offer medical alarms, for those who suffer from certain conditions so that they can get help on time! All-in-all a lot of elders find this type of living situation pretty appealing for its safety factors! 

Additional things to consider

An independent living community is a great option for all elderly people who want to switch up their living situation and make it more suitable for their needs. But before opting for this, taking everything under a consideration is a must in order to make the right decision for you! Also, people who have marriage partners, need to consider if this is the perfect fit for both of them. Some people are extremely independent whilst others need more care and their needs need to be taken care of in a special way. 

At the end of the day, independent living communities are a big hit, a lot of people are extremely satisfied with this option since it’s not exactly a retirement home but it still gives plenty of benefits that a retirement home can give. It’s a good balance between living in a gated community and having the flexibility and freedom – not to mention the social aspect of everything. People who are interested in this kind of living can rest assured that it’s a valid option they can easily get accustomed to!