Traditional mopping and cleaning is a thing of the past. Dragging around a mop and bucket isn’t only exhausting, but it is less hygienic and less efficient. The use of steam cleaners and steam mops in your home can revolutionize your cleaning routine.

There are endless uses for steam cleaners. Steam cleaners can be used to clean your bathroom, kitchen, windows, and mirrors. You can even use steam to remove wrinkles and stains from clothes. Here is why you should make the switch to using steam in your cleaning routine.

Less strenuous

The power of steam makes lifting stubborn stains, scuff marks, and grime easy. You will save yourself a whole lot of vigorous mopping and scrubbing by using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners can be used in your oven and stove to make oven cleaning seem somewhat bearable.

In your bathroom, you can use steam pressure to clean your grout easily. Steam can also be used to sanitize your toilets, baths, sinks, and showers. You might even find that the steam cleaner does most of the strenuous work and will make cleaning your home less of a chore.

More hygienic

If you have a traditional mop and bucket, you may be doing more harm than good. Putting your broom in and out of the same dirty water will only spread germs around your home. This is also the case with cloths. If you are reusing the same damp cloth, you are likely to be circulating entire ecosystems of bacteria around your home. Instead of using a traditional mop or material, you should consider using a steam cleaner instead. The high heat generated by the steam will kill 99.9% of germs and will sanitize your home.

Child and eco-friendly

Steam cleaners do not require the use of chemicals to clean your home effectively. The power of water and heat is all you need to sanitize your home. This is good news for anyone who wants to avoid using chemical cleaners in their homes.

If you have small children that are still crawling and have a habit of putting their fingers in their mouth, you won’t have to worry about them ingesting any nasty chemicals.

Unique uses for your steam cleaner

A steam cleaner will be one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment you will ever own and will soon become a crucial part of your home cleaning schedule. A steam cleaner can replace many cleaning products. Here are some unique uses for a steam cleaner:

Cleaning your fridge: If you have any caked-on food, you can use the power of steam the loosen hardened food spills in your fridge.

Defrosting a freezer: If you do not have a self-defrosting fridge, you can use your steam cleaner to clear the freezer burn from your freezer.

Clearing drains: Drain cleaner can be full of chemicals. For an eco-friendly option, you can use the pressure of steam to clear and loosen any blockages in your drains.

Cleaning the microwave: Caked on food that has been baked into the dishwasher can be hard to clean. Save yourself a lot of scrubbing by loosening the grime with some steam first. Wipe, and the job is done.

Sanitizing toothbrushes: If you or anyone in your household has been sick, you may want to sanitize your toothbrushes to kill any possible leftover germs.

Cleaning your rangehood: Rangehoods can be a hassle to clean. If you do not clean these regularly, they can begin to smell. Oil and grease can get stuck in crevices that you cannot reach. You can pressurize the grime off with your steam cleaner.

Stripping wallpaper: Yes! It is that versatile! The heat from the steam can melt the adhesive making the wallpaper easy to remove.

Sanitizing children’s toys: You can avoid exposing your children to cleaning chemicals by using a steam cleaner to clean their gadgets rather than chemical cleaning products.

These are just some ways of many that you can use steam in your home. Just remember to do your research on which surfaces can be steam cleaned before purchasing a steam cleaner.