Park MGM Partners with Juniper Cocktail Lounge

MGM Resorts and Sydell Group welcomes Juniper Cocktail Lounge onto the scene, baiting Las Vegas travelers and party goers with its renowned reputation for creating a variety of both classic and alluring cocktail beverages. Known for it’s largest collection of Gin, this lounge creates an atmosphere that allows its patrons to fully enjoy the experience.

“Juniper Cocktail Lounge brings a different perspective to the Las Vegas lounge with a more progressive cocktail program than people have experienced from such a venue,” said Craig Schoettler, MGM Resorts executive director of beverage and corporate mixologist. Giving you the complete guest treatment, Juniper Lounge offers private tables and bottle service, complete with their wide-range selections of liquors and house-made juices and syrups. The atmosphere is topped off with a dance floors themed to emulate a European lounge, and an eclectic choice of music.

Park MGM Juniper Cocktail Lounge - Craig Sc

Highlights from the Juniper Lounge menu include:

GnT – Choose Your Own Adventure – Juniper Cocktail Lounge’s Gin & Tonic adds a playful interaction through the childhood-inspired “Fortune Teller” paper game that allows guests to choose the gin and flavor profile to discover the specific Gin & Tonic that’s destined for their palate. 

The BIRD – Bluecoat Gin | Strawberry | Dolin Dry Vermouth | Fresh Lemon – If martinis could fly, the result would be The BIRD served in rare glassware to add a dash of whimsy to the classic libation. The mint leaves serve as The BIRD’s tail feathers, delivering a fresh punctuation on the beautiful drink.  

No Judging – Green Chartreuse | Fresh Pineapple | Fresh Lime | Flaming Mint – Juniper Cocktail Lounge’s blazing take on a Chartreuse Swizzle is served in a dazzling pipe-like glass. The bartender ignites the mint garnish before guests’ eyes to release the aromatics that swirl and intertwine with the acidic flavor combination.

Maple Old Fashioned – Whistle Pig 10-year Rye Whiskey | Barrel Aged Maple Syrup | Angostura Bitters – Arguably the fastest growing cocktail in America finds its next iteration at Juniper Cocktail Lounge, with barrel-aged maple syrup exploring new and complementary flavors for the whiskey stronghold.

Park MGM Juniper Cocktail Lounge - Craig Sc

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Park MGM Partners with Juniper Cocktail Lounge