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PicassoMio offers an International Gallery online


PicassoMio offers an International Gallery online


Back in the day, when people wanted to enjoy art, they had to actually go somewhere to see it. These days, art is far more accessible. According to some artists, it is everywhere, you only need to define it as such.

Still, the matter of convenience is an issue. Or at least it was until the launch of PicassoMio (www.picassomio.com), the world’s most accessible art gallery, founded in 2000 by investment banker Allan Majotra.

“I went to see an opening of an exhibition by an artist friend where he did not sell a single piece,” Majorta says. “It became obvious to me that the art market was inefficient in serving the needs of both the artists and collectors…. I began developing the idea of selling artworks from artists everywhere to collectors everywhere.”

In the past seven years, PicassoMio has sold works by more than 3,000 artists – from pop art giants to just-out-of-art school rising stars – with a combined value in the millions of dollars. The site offers a catalog of more than 40,000 works, including many that are on display at the world’s top museums.

“We have brought unprecedented opportunities to the art market,” Majorta says. “We serve artists from nearly 100 countries, enabling them to sell to collectors around the world.  No gallery comes close to what we are striving to do.”

Having enjoyed so much success in the realm of visual art, Majorta is hoping to expand PicassoMio even further into other media and markets.

“In the near future, PicassoMio.com intends on becoming a one-stop source to acquire the best in curated art, design, craft and fashion,” Majorta says. “A sort of Barneys for the arts.”

In addition to having its own worldwide shipping service, PicassoMio also offers a money-back guarantee on purchases and resale assurance for any pieces users may wish to share with others. PicassoMio.com also hosts a mirror website in Spanish that helps it attract more than one million visitors each month (likely far more than even the world’s most popular brick-and-mortar galleries) and reach countries ranging from Argentina to Venezuela to Canada and Dubai to South Africa and Sweden.

Though staffed by fewer than 10 people, PicassoMio has quickly become the preeminent promoter of art in the world, especially in the world of contemporary art. From Damien Hirst to Takashi Murakami, the site hosts and promoted works by thousands of artists from more than 50 different countries.

Unlike other galleries at which space is a premium and therefore most often given to more established artists, PicassoMio has no space constraints and can therefore give every artist the room they need to grow their careers and their audiences. As such, it is Majorta’s hope that his site will not only be able to expand the world of art and art-based commerce, but that it will also allow and encourage more creative types to pursue their artistic dreams.

“The art market is stuck in the 18th century,” Majorta says, “dominated by nepotism and lack of transparency that is the reason why less than five percent of trained American artists actually work as full-time art professionals. We have the simple goal of bringing not only the arts but also design, crafts and fashion, into this century.”

Named the “Amazon of the contemporary art scene” by The Financial Times in 2005 (which likened it to the undisputed heavyweight champion of online retail) and cited as the world’s largest gallery by the Spanish paper El Pais, PicassoMio has been feted in publications and broadcasts around the world and even officially recognized by the governments of Spain and Germany. Majorta himself has been similarly celebrated, being named one of the 100 best entrepreneurs, by Emprendores magazine.

“It is great to receive these accolades,” Majorta says, “but I think what is truly satisfying is enabling creators…to sell their art to a collector in a different continent. That is something that truly encourages us.”

From Christo to Warhol and, of course, Pablo himself, PicassoMio.com has everything an art lover wants and probably a few things they didn’t know they wanted yet.

“Anyone interested in selling or buying contemporary art views PicassoMio.com as the first and often only stop,” Majorta says.


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