Baby strollers are quite practical on their own, they serve a great purpose, but they can always be improved! Since there is no such thing as perfect, it’s up to you to customize, add or take away from a particular thing, and baby strollers allow you just that! If you truly want to make your baby’s stroller as convenient as possible, try focusing on practical things that can come in handy in various situations! So here are some popular baby stroller accessories that might interest you! 

Smartphone Holder

While strolling,  you need to take important phone calls or wait for an urgent message, and obviously, you don’t have a third hand to help hold your mobile phone with! With that being said, smartphone holders that you can attach to the stroller, so you can casually glance at your phone and stroll, without the need to dig into your purse or hold it in one hand – this way, your hands are free!

A Fan

Sunny weather is great until the temperatures reach unbearably high numbers! But your child still needs to go outside and catch some daylight, so in order to make their stroll more comfortable, adding a stroller fan is a great option. You want to keep your baby cool and comfortable in the midst of unbearable heath. And this way you can enjoy the summer day without putting your child in danger!

Stroller Organizer

Babies and toddlers need more things than adults, as funny as that sounds – from water bottles and to tissues and diapers, going out for a simple stroll is not that simple at all! In order to handle all of those items, so you don’t forget anything, getting a stroller organizer is the best thing you can do if you want easy access to anything your baby needs! Furthermore, you can even get regular bags and put the organizer inside of it – so you don’t have to hang everything on the stroller itself!

Rain Cover

Weather can change in mere minutes, but your child still needs a bit of fresh air – so even if the weather seems a bit gloomy, you can still make the best of it! Umbrellas are a given, but one umbrella for both you and the stroller might not be enough, so the better option is to get a stroller rain coverage, as it will fully protect your child from getting wet if the weather turns south fast! 

Attachable Stroller Toys

Some kids simply cannot go anywhere without their toys, and that’s totally fine, except the part where those toys end up on the dirty pavement – not practical in the long run, as you’ll have to disinfect the toys all the time! Instead, there are a lot of attachable stroller toys, and you can even attach those that you have at home by adding a string to them! A lot of these toys can be a DIY project that’s cheap but does the job good. As long as that toy doesn’t end up on the pavement, you’re good!


Stroller Board

Buying a double stroller can be a waste of money and space – especially if you have a toddler and a baby; owning one stroller and a stroller board is enough! When you think about it, toddlers love to walk around, but they do get tired eventually, so the stroller board is perfect for them, as they can just sit down to take a break once they’ve reached the daily walking limit. A win-win if you have two kids, you don’t have to spend money on additional strollers!

The Hook

As a parent with a small child, you tend to carry a lot of things, but at the same time, somehow, you forget half of them before you leave your home to take a stroll to the park with your baby! A smart way to optimize the storage space is by owning lots of hooks you can attach to the baby stroller itself, so you can hang whatever you want! Parents would need another set of arms to handle everything all by themselves, but detachable hooks are great for carrying grocery bags, the diaper bag, or any other toiletries your baby needs while outside.  

The happy triplets sit in a baby stroller

At the end of the day, it all depends on your needs and what kind of accessory suits you the best. Some of them are more for aesthetic purposes, whilst others hold a very important role. Regardless, your goal is to simplify your stroller adventures, make things easier for yourself and your baby  – so functionality and practicality will be your best friend.