On the fast-paced streets of New York City, she radiates allure, charm, and vibrancy that attracts so many.

Dressed in her signature bohemian-luxe little dress, with an arm of gold bangles and sun-kissed skin, her smile and approachable demeanor reciprocate the stares and camera flashes without missing a beat. Kelly Killoren Bensimon is the embodiment of modern glamour, a jetsetter with an illustrious career in the fashion industry as a journalist and model, and mother of two lovely girls.

Her NYC apartment is an excellent reflection of her style, with chic furniture, artwork, and elements of absolute luxury, as seen in the Hermes scarves, which she has designed into pillows. “I love classic glamour. Picture an image of Jackie O walking down the beach in Capri, so elegant and chic,” she says.

Kelly has drawn inspiration from her life and travels to design her “Pocahontas” pave jewelry line, which will be available at Kitson. She has written three books, including American Style, In the Spirit of the Hamptons, and most recently, The Bikini Book, which includes images spanning from the classic Hollywood Pinups, and Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez, to Halle Berry as a Bond Girl rising from the sea.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon is gorgeous. And beyond the glamour, it is utterly refreshing to find that she is so humble and grateful. She speaks of trips to exotic islands with the same excitement that she uses to describe picking up her children from school. She says, “I feel so blessed to be living my life. My greatest accomplishment is the birth of my children. I am thankful to have the luxury of raising my girls and creating this exciting life with them.”