It has been often said that women propel the direction in which a society progresses. We live in an era of transformative growth and one of the most profound social transformations has been in the lives of women. They have made, and are making groundbreaking contributions in the business world, and have successfully become recognized as an unparalleled force within the global economy. Redefining the word “mogul,” today’s modern businesswoman is not designated by the size of her business, or if she’s at the top of the Forbes List of Top Women CEO’s. Today the word takes on a new meaning. The contemporary mogul is defined as being the best version of yourself and elevating that to whatever it encompasses. In observance of the modern mogul, Upscale Living Magazine is celebrating the lives of these women by interviewing women entrepreneurs all over the world. Kicking off our global journey, Dallas, Texas will be the first stop, with our very own editor, Deve Sanford and her mother Jannie Sanford, joined by Annia Jenkins and her mother Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins.

Interview with Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins and Annia Jenkins, Owners of All Things Beautiful & Co.

Annia Jenkins and Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins (L-R)
Annia Jenkins and Cynthia Hightower-Jenkins (L-R). Photo courtesy of Cy Davison

What is your vision for All Things Beautiful & Co.?
Our vision for “All Things Beautiful & Co.” is far broader than we could possibly relay within the limitations of this interview, but in a more general scope, our vision is to continue to offer up an encouraging aura for our clientele who find themselves requiring either personal or business rebranding or any of the other very unique customized services that we offer. In addition, we envision our company advancing towards being held in the highest regard for providing a utopic level of service for a genre of clientele whose signature mantra is ‘impress and be impressed beyond comprehension.’ 

Do you consider your company to be more trend driven or traditional?
“All Things Beautiful & Co.” is multi-tactical in its innovation and approach regarding its clientele and the resolutions that we conclude for them. It offers an eclectic co-mingle of trend, traditional and often times, even a little futuristic. Our services span several focuses, including branding and concept development, unfathomable event and special occasion production, professionalism training, and our Luxury Concierge services encompasses; image, styling-design, interiorscaping and LifeStyle coaching which allows us to use the full range of our unencumbered creativity. 

What is the cornerstone of your brand identity?
We believe the cornerstone of our brand to be genuine ingenuity without borders.

 What’s your strategy for brand extensions?
Our strategy for brand extension with respect to All Things Beautiful & Co. began at the company’s onset and was intentionally considered even in the naming of our company, as the ‘All’ in “All Things Beautiful & Co.” supports us a full highway of directions in which we may expound and stretch or brand.  Some of the strategy we apply to our clientele is simply the, “one highway, many streets analogy.

Dream collaboration or partnership?
Our Dream collaboration would be a venture with Disney Production or even some of the major Red- Carpet Productions such as the Grammy’s, Golden Globe and Met Gala.

Future Plans for All Things Beautiful & Co.?
As far as the future plans for “All Things Beautiful & Co.” is concerned, withstanding sounding cliché the sky is the limit. We can see “All Things Beautiful & Co. carving its niche even internationally. We are a mother-daughter duo company that not only provides unique services to our clientele, but we also share amazing lifestyle experiences with and of the world. How amazing is that!    

What advice would you give people that want to start their own business?
The advice we would give people wanting to start their own business is that there is no one size fits all regarding businesses paths to success. Then, if it is indeed something they want to do then they should consider learning as much as they can to become a subject matter expert in that business. Finally, Pray about it.     

Interview with Jannie Sanford and Deve Sanford, Founders of Dbrand Distribution

Jannie Sanford and Deve Sanford (L-R) jpg
Jannie Sanford and Deve Sanford (L-R). Photo courtesy of Cy Davison

How do you assess the luxury industry today?
The luxury industry has changed quite a bit; even over the last decade. Today, there are so many more choices available. Thanks to the digital world, consumers are very well informed about what is happening all over the globe and tend to want to follow the latest trends.

What do you feel has been the key to your success with Dbrand Distribution?
Dbrand Distribution has always taken an active role in building cultural bridges between the east and west. Linking the two has remained a fundamental principal that our business has relied upon for the past 10 years. The importance of mirroring what is happening in the digital market has been the key to our success. In simplest terms, it’s about accessibility. People have become more aware about what is happening and what is available around the entire world. It’s our job assess those demands and meet those needs.

Long term vision for Dbrand Distribution?
Every year we launch creative initiatives to engage the consumer and we would love to expand on that in terms of unique collaborations and partnerships. Our long term vision is to grow our portfolio of partner brands all over the world with a concentration in the Middle East and Asia.

What’s your overview of luxury goods market in the Middle East/GCC?
The GCC luxury market is estimated at $ 7.6 billion with a growth of 11.8% and it’s only getting bigger.

This market is innovative but at the same time knows a lot of changes: social, economic and cultural.

At a consumer level, we have seen a shift from a consumer focusing on the price to a consumer looking for choice and more recently to one looking for a unique shopping experiences. Today, the consumer is looking for width and depth in the choices, therefore the return of the multi-brand stores with a more specialized offer. The Middle East luxury market is very promising and is becoming a center of attention. This market benefits from a diverse young population, (mostly expats) with shopping rooted in the culture and traditions.

Dream client to collaboration?
We would love to work with businessman, Adrian Cheng. What he has been able to achieve in redefining retail spaces and experiences is unparalleled and the way of the future. He has single handedly created a contemporary Chinese culture with his K11 Art Foundation and Art Malls.

Who are some of the notable clients you’ve worked with?
We have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful clients and each one of them have been special to us.  Some of our clients include large hotel/resort groups, celebrities and designers.

What’s an objective you aim to achieve at Dbrand Distribution?
Our main objective is to continue building brands with passion and excellence by delivering and providing unique and exceptional experiences in the luxury retail market. We also aim to be continually engaged in giving back to the global community.

How does Dbrand Distribution describe luxury?
For us luxury does not have a straight forward definition. Luxury is complex. It no longer relies on great craftsmanship. For this generation, the definition of luxury has become multi-faceted. It’s not about the cost of an item, it’s about the message it relays. A couture gown that took 4000 hours to hand embroider at an atelier has just as much “wow” factor as a t-shirt with an encrypted message by a media influencer.

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