Laurent Maugoust is synonymous with luxurious, Parisian style – he’s the interior architect that is known for his approach that merges purity, modernity, and timelessness.

A graduate of the Camondo school, Maugoust went on to work for a renowned architect, Christian de Portzamparc – winner of the Pritzker Prize and the Grand Prix National d’Architecture, and followed was a 10-year stint as artistic director for Jean-Philippe Nuel. In 2001 Maugoust founded his own studio, and here, inspired by the world of cinema, he approaches an interior structure like a stage. Embracing both the classic and the contemporary, he offers unique narratives for each project whether it’s hotel renovations, cue The Victor Hugo Hotel in Paris, Le Roosevelt in Nice, or the Presidential Suite of the Hyatt Tokyo Bay, or his own furniture design.

We learn more about Laurent’s career and his design mythology.

When and how did you get into the design industry?

I always had a passion for drawing. After hesitating between car design and creating cinema sets, I finally chose to study applied arts and followed in the footsteps of my father who worked in architecture firms.

After graduating from the Camondo school, I worked with the architect Christian de Portzamparc, winner of the Pritzker Prize and the Grand Prix National d’Architecture, then I worked for almost 10 years with Jean-Philippe Nuel as an artistic director. During these collaborations, I developed large-scale international projects and acquired a mastery of high-end hotel decoration.

Hyatt Place Tokyo Bay Chaiman Suite Living Room
Hyatt Place Tokyo Bay Chairman Suite Living Room

How has your company evolved?

In parallel, I initiated personal projects and since 2008 I have devoted myself solely to my own work. I have surrounded myself with a team of passionate people with complementary disciplines.

Hyatt Place Tokyo Bay Chaiman Suite Master Bedroom
Hyatt Place Tokyo Bay Chairman Suite Master Bedroom

Which sectors do you work in?

Mainly mid-scale and upscale hotels, we have signed almost 50 hotels in 15 years. Since 2020 we are expanding our expertise to high-end residential and furniture production.

We are also being approached to provide our expertise in the tertiary sector and in retail. It’s exciting to be confronted with projects that take us out of our comfort zone.

Hotel Victor Hugo
Hotel Victor Hugo

What is your design aesthetic and approach?

Our approach goes far beyond creating interiors. It aims to harness the link between original features and décor so that they easily echo one another. We are also very much inspired by the world of cinema, so we approach an interior’s structure like a stage, to enhance its space. Thanks to our growing reputation, we have developed collaborations with exceptional craftsmen and gained access to noble materials that we take pleasure in using.

As a staunch defender of the French savoir-faire, we strive to create strong and unique narratives, where objects and cutting-edge design pieces find their rightful place.

The renovation of hotels is the result of a long process of revisiting time periods and eras to recreate their spirit as truthfully as possible. Our team includes people trained in art history, sociology, and the anthropology of space. Our design work is in a way handmade.

Hôtel Roosevelt (c) Guillaume Grasset
Hôtel Roosevelt (c) Guillaume Grasset

Who is your client?

International hotel groups, independent owners, private investors, individuals, and institutions.

Hotel Bowmann
Hotel Bowmann

What is your ultimate goal for your client, and the project?

To succeed in bringing together the requirements of each party to create a coherent project. The success of a project often lies in the fluidity that emanates from it once it is completed. As more time goes by, the more we aim for durability and timelessness. The designer must know how to step aside so that the place can live.

Hotel Bowmann
Hotel Bowmann

Which projects are you most excited about at the moment?

We are working on luxury residential projects in the most beautiful ski areas of the French Alps.

As part of our furniture production and thanks to the collaborations we have initiated with our privileged partners, we will go even further in our design work thanks to the sourcing, development, and creation of high-quality bio-sourced materials. Combining our passion for the beautiful gesture and the power of the material expresses our creative philosophy quite well.

Hotel Bowmann
Hotel Bowmann

What do you have coming up in 2022/3?

We are currently working on the decoration of several hotels 4-star and 5-star on the French Riviera. We will also complete the renovation of the Westminster Hotel on Rue de la Paix in Paris.

Hotel Bowmann
Hotel Bowmann

On the publishing side, the collaboration with Ecart will continue in 2022, and we are currently working on several other very exciting collaborations, which we hope to share with you in 2022.