A lifelong passion for entertaining, a successful stint in fashion and a career interior designer, Kara Smith is making a name for herself as a leading lady in lifestyle. As President and Partner of California-based interior design firm, sfa design, Kara lends her eclectic tastes to the homes of Hollywood’s elite, the world’s most luxurious hotels and a bevy of international residences for royalty and diplomats alike.


Kara has built her success on a decade of immersion in the world of business and design. Founding a high-end event planning company at 18, Kara honed her entertaining skills and discovered an exquisite ability for creating luxury environments and experiences. A desire to take this ability to the realm of interiors led Kara to sfa design. Never resting on her laurels, Kara continued to expand her creative repertoire launching a high-end women’s fashion line, Karanina, while simultaneously leading sfa to new heights. The unforeseen swiftness of her label’s growth led to a showroom in New York, appearances at New York Fashion week and extensive celebrity and media exposure.


Kara’s continued enthusiasm for the latest trends in all things fashion and entertaining make her a triple threat in the world of lifestyle. A constant search for innovative design concepts leads her to exotic countries, local artisans, and vintage boutiques, but in the end Kara always looks first to her clients for inspiration. Incorporating a silhouette from the runway in a custom piece of furniture or throwing a color palette together based on a beautiful floral arrangement, Kara’s passions continuously collide in for the form of beautifully
avant-garde spaces, perfectly unique to her clientele.